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Throughput for RFID inlay production again doubled by Mühlbauer

Mühlbauer Technology Group, the one-stop-shop RFID technology partner and specialist for complete RFID production solutions, has launched the world's fastest and highly flexible RFID inlay production line TAL 20000.
Experience drives Innovation - and Mühlbauer has driven the Smart ID market since 1989. Thousands of Mühlbauer machines produce the bulk of the smart cards and smart labels for the Smart ID market worldwide. Experience has grown! Comparing to the fastest equipment up to date - the well known TAL 10000 - the new TAL 20000 provides a quantum jump in flip chip assembly technology for RFID inlays: Limits have been pushed further again! Doubling the assembly - and test-speed to 20,000 inlays per hour is underlining impressively Mühlbauer's technology leadership for RFID production solutions. Mühlbauer is setting new standards again in the world of RFID. The future is ready to go!
Realizing all your business opportunities
Beside world leading cost-performance for high volume inlay production the TAL 20000 offers the highest available flexibility for all HF and UHF applications, for all types of chips ranging from 0.3 x 0.3 mm to 5.0 x 5.0 mm and all types of available antenna technologies - for labels, tickets, baggage tags, contactless cards etc. By using latest epoxy jetting technology, it offers lowest possible glue consumption. Furthermore, the TAL 20000 platform is ready to cover future applications for multicomponent labels, e.g. battery assisted tags, just by adding an additional component feeder- made by Mühlbauer. With a web width of up to 610 mm the TAL 20000 even perfectly fits to the standard formats of the card industry to introduce flip chip inlays into the contactless card market. The TAL 20000 is the optimal synergy link between the RFID inlay technology and the card market, where Mühlbauer is the leading technology partner since more than 20 years already.
Total solution from one competent partner
The RFID market is growing continuously with two digit numbers. High volume applications are becoming reality now, new applications will be added day by day. Consequently, Mühlbauer is expanding its product portfolio into the high end market with the new TAL 20000 - but this is just one more piece to complete the picture. Mühlbauer - the Smart ID specialist - provides the complete RFID factory from one source: Flexible customized solutions for antenna production, inlay assembly up to converting/lamination and personalization: Ranging from start-up solutions with lab equipment (TAL 500), throughout the complete range of throughput requirements (TAL 5000/10000/15000) - up to high volume mass production (TAL 20000). There is always an optimized solution for your current and future requirements - all based on a common technology platform.
See & believe!
At our show rooms and applications centers all over the world, such as in Germany, and Malaysia, the company shows its competence. Customers can experience live on more than 20,000 square meters, what Muehlbauer is able to do. Almost any system is available, ready to show its performance.
Investing in Muehlbauer equipment maximizes your Return-On-Investment. Muehlbauer has years of experience in technologically innovative solutions in the area of Semiconductor related products. Muehlbauer is in the position to deliver customized solutions from one source within shortest reaction times. Thousands of machines in the field worldwide prove our wide know-how.
For further information please contact:
Mr. Wolfgang Wanner
Head of Corporate Promotion
Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1
93426 Roding, Germany
Tel: +49 9461 952 - 1618
Fax: +49 9461 952 - 8618
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