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Asian Nanotechnology Breakthrough

Asian Nanotechnology Breakthrough with Turnkey Materials Deposition CeraPrinter X-Serie by CERADROP-MGI

CeraPrinter X-Serie at the clean room of INT. Dr. DANG Thi My Dung
CERADROP, a MGI Group company, has supplied the Institute for Nanotechnology (INT), Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) with one of its TurnKey Materials Deposition Inkjet Platform - CeraPrinter X-Serie. INT was officially established with the name of Laboratory for Nanotechnology (LNT) in September 2004 as an affiliated institution of VNUHCM. INT is dedicated to expand the domain of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology through exploration of new dimensions of knowledge and application of Nanotechnology into our casual life. The main research orientations of the Institute are in the area of Materials & Inkjet Printing Technology, Opto-electronic Materials and Devices, Materials & Environmental Sensors, Nano-materials, Fuel Cell...
CERADROP has provided such a prestigious Institution with its Advanced Modular-based CeraPrinter Equipment, offering an exclusive solution for the most challenging R&D projects. CERADROP expertise is focused on design and manufacturing of an innovative and versatile systems for Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing. We are proud to provide such the world famous actors with all-in-one Solution for Nanotechnologies implementation.
Moreover, having participated at the International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Application - IWNA 2017, CERADROP has confirmed its strong expertise in Printed Electronics and strengthened its partnership for expansion of Asia market.
Stated Tim H. Luong, National Sales Manager at CERADROP
Tim H. Luong from Ceradrop, French & Chinese Partners visiting and running CeraPrinter X-Serie at INT
From its inception 13 years ago, the INT thinks that Vietnam needs to acquire knowledge and know-how in microfabrication. Among those technologies, inkjet printing is a recognized contender with many research activities underway. The interest of CeraPrinter X-Serie is that the building blocks for such multilayer flex are modular-based and it provides the flexibility to print the circuit exactly as desired while providing a tight control on the different layer thicknesses.
CeraPrinter X-Serie is a perfect tool for materials testing and already showed the possibility to print RFID antennas at INT. The equivalent objects can be processed when the required higher resolution and placement accuracy of pL volume size droplets resolution on various substrates.
Noted Prof. DANG Mau Chien, Director of the Institute for Nanotechnology (INT), Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM).
Prof. DANG Mau Chien
The MGI Group is composed of MGI Digital Technology, headquartered in Fresnes, France, CERADROP, located in Limoges, France and KÖRA-PACKMAT, located in Villingendorf, Germany. Founded in 1982, MGI Digital Technology designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of award-winning digital presses and a complete line of versatile finishing solutions.
CERADROP designs and markets Materials Deposition Digital Printers exclusively for Printed Electronics Industry and Smart 3D Printing. Thanks to its modular-based scalable concept, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products into the Printed Electronics market. Combining several materials deposition technologies as well as the latest generation of curing modules, this equipment line permits to reach a wide range of application fields such as: membrane switch, antennas, sensors, passive components, interconnection, flexible solar cells (OPV), OLED and others... As the subsidiary of MGI Group focused on Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing, CERADROP can call up more than 60 engineers specialized in inkjet engine, mechanics, automation, software, chemistry, and ink management to supply the best materials deposition digital printing solution from advanced R&D up to 24/7 high performance manufacturing including photonic curing and high throughput manufacturing capacity of several m²/min. Moreover, CERADROP is supported by the MGI Group network in 70 countries with 50 representatives. Achieving more than 80% of its turnover from export and providing a unique process support to its customers, CERADROP makes easier and more efficient use of Digital Printing technology for Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing worldwide.
INT is the common technological facility center for micro-nanotechnology research in the South of Vietnam. INT has developed several products such as light emitting diode (LED) integrated into lighting lamps, solar cell (monocrystalline, HIT, UMG-silicon) and packaged solar panel with high efficiency, self-cleaning and sterilizing nano-materials (titanium oxide - TiO2) coating for tiles, nanomaterials for water treatment in aquacultural farming and other agriculture applications, metal nanoink for inkjet printing (nano copper, nano silver, nano gold), radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna and tags, biological nanosensors based on silicon, gold and platinum nanowires,...
INT has developed electrochemical sensors to monitor water quality in shrimp farming, salinity invasion alarm system, sensor systems to monitor air quality in agriculture farming, RFID sensor tag in food quality detection, water ultra-filtration capillary membranes, solid oxide fuel cell... Until now INT has several technologies which have been patented and transferred to industry such as LED, titanium oxide coating on tiles. INT has about 30 - 50 publications / year.
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