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Printed solar cell workshop at infinityPV

infinityPV are opening the doors for printed solar cells through a series of workshops.
One of the fastest growing technologies in the world is printed electronics with applications in consumer goods, healthcare, aerospace, electronics, etc. In fact, you might hold an object with elements made by printing right now. OLED screens and RFID antenna are common examples. Printed electronics take common printing techniques, such as screen printing, and use them to create electronic and optical components. One such example with remarkable promises for the for the future of energy is printed solar cells.
"Printed solar cells allow us to dream of a technology that can solve the world's energy problems", says Frederik C. Krebs, CEO of infinityPV, a pioneering company in the printed solar cell industry. "Our aim is to ensure the progress of this field, and therefore we will now invite third parties to workshops on printed solar cells." infinityPV has brought light weight, flexible and transparent solar cells to costumers all over the world for use in various applications including DIY projects, consumer goods, art projects, and more. Now infinityPV is opening the doors for printed solar cells through a series of workshops at their production site in Denmark.
"We offer a series of workshops that prepares you for the entire process of producing solar cells." Says Frederik C. Krebs, "Many of our participants are already skilled in one of more of the professional disciplines that enter into the value chain for printed solar cells. We have broken the entire process up into modules that as much as possible separates the disciplines allowing you to tailor your learning process to the skills you already have and the ones you need to acquire." The workshops from infinityPV will give the opportunity to not only see the machinery but to get hands-on experiences with scaled processing of printed organic solar cells from A-Z. "You will gain knowledge with every step on the way from making materials and inks through printing to testing, packaging and integration the final product."
Combined with theoretical sessions and an e-learning course, the workshops are directed at both academia and industry. The workshops cover aspects from design of the solar cells over material synthesis, ink preparation, roll-to-roll printing, testing, packaging, analysis, and post-handling. "We feel it is important to give a full and honest view into the process of making printed solar cells," explains Frederik C. Krebs, "Most people might focus on the printing step itself, but this is only one part of the process. You need to understand the materials, ink-preparation, testing, packaging and much more. We aim to give a full overview over all these steps in the workshops." The workshops are held throughout the year and are open for industry as well as academia. Closed workshops under NDA agreements are also possible. Signup for the workshop is handled at:
About infinityPV
infinityPV is a Danish developer and manufacturer of printed solar cells, as well as materials and test equipment for printed electronics. The key interest of infinityPV is polymer solar cells, a technology that promises an alternative to traditional silicon solar cells. Products include solar cells, inks, transparent conductive electrodes, solar simulators, and characterization and manufacturing hardware. At infinityPV the aim is to make polymer solar cell technology accessible and affordable.
More information
More information about infinityPV can be found at Additional resources are available at
infinityPV ApS
Møllehaven 12A,
DK-4040 Jyllinge, Denmark
(+45) 65 74 78 82
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