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Inktec and Thin Film Electronics wins prestigious award

InkTec Co.,Ltd. ("InkTec") headquartered in Kyungki-do, Korea, a world-class research and manufacturing company in the field of Printed Electronics, and Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") of Oslo, Norway, announces today that they have won the IDTechEx Technical Development Manufacturing Award. IDTechEx is a leader in providing independent global research and analysis on the development and application of printed and potentially printed electronics.
The two companies were presented with the honour at the Printed Electronics Europe 2009 Gala Award Dinner, in Dresden on April 7. IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards recognize company innovation, success and development, bringing together companies from around the world.
A panel of judges, which comprised of an independent international advisory board, was charged with finding the most significant manufacturing device, process or production plant in the Printed Electronics industry over the last 24 months (February 2007 - February 2009). InkTec and Thinfilm's realization of a roll-to-roll ("R2R") production worthy printing process capable of realizing printed memory cells with a high yield was chosen as the winner.
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx said that "The joint Thinfilm/Inktec achievement is a huge success with the realization of a R2R production worthy printing process capable of realizing printed memory cells with a yield in the 96-97 % range."
The awarded results comes out of a joint Thinfilm and InkTec project, that has demonstrated fully R2R printed memories with a layout and device structure developed by Thinfilm, suitable for applications such as game cards and toys.
Up to now rolls with more than 100 m of printed memories has been produced with a total of 5 printing steps.
Johan Carlsson, CEO of Thin Film Electronics stated; "We are very pleased with the collaboration and results achieved at InkTec. It's therefore extremely encouraging that the outstanding results now gets recognised and that we win this prestigious award together with InkTec. The award winning results is the final step in our effort of commercialising our patented technology."
InkTec's CEO, Kwang-Choon Chung, said; "I am honoured that InkTec has been recognized by IDTechEx for our printing capabilities. The award reflects our R&D strengths in Electronic Inks as well as our ability of printing electronics in high volume. We are very proud of our unique ink system as well as our printing facilities in our 2nd factory in Pyungtaek-city where this work has been conducted."

Printed electronics

Printed electronics is a new, emerging industry that takes advantage of printing technologies to manufacture electronics with a wider variety of form factors, including thin, flexible substrates. Through the use of proprietary printing techniques, these electronic circuits can be manufactured at high efficiency and very high volumes when compared to traditional electronics. This enables electronic functionality in a whole new family of products such as medical and consumer disposables, cards, labels, RFID tags, toys and games.

Electronic Ink

Electronic Inks are used in industrial printing processes and are used in a variety of applications such as e.g., RFID, PCB and displays. InkTec's advanced metal inks have excellent properties and show improved defect properties compared to other nano and paste-inks. InkTec's inks are transparent silver inks which are based on proprietary non-particle based silver complex compound. The transparent silver inks are stable for long-term storage and are, because of the low sintering temperature, applicable to various substrates.

InkTec Corporation

InkTec is listed on the Korea Stock Exchange and since its establishment in 1992, InkTec has enjoyed exceptional growth with international sales and distribution network in more than 120 countries. As a world-class leading ink manufacturer, InkTec proudly developed innovative transparent silver conductive inks for printed electronics and started to produce various optical/electronic materials by state-of-the-art printing facilities. InkTec offers customized printing services for customers' products using superior facilities and extensive printing experience. All printed products can be produced using InkTec's innovative conductive inks.
For more information on InkTec, visit External Link.
Thin Film Electronics, an Oslo, Norway-based Company with R&D facilities in Linkoping, Sweden, is the pioneer in the use of functional polymer materials for non-volatile memory applications. Dense functional memories have been demonstrated using both traditional processing for silicon-based chips and more recently printing. Thinfilm delivers printed memory today and, with partners like InkTec, will deliver integrated printed electronics tomorrow. Thin Film Electronics ASA is listed on the Oslo Axess list at the Oslo stock exchange, Norway.
For more information on Thinfilm, visit External Link
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