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Soldier-worn portable power management system

In war situations soldiers are required to carry a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment for sensing, surveillance, communications, search and destroy and survival. The soldiers are required to carry a supply of batteries, but necessary re-supply and limited power capacity can compromise effective operations. In order to reduce the weight that a soldier has to carry, Protonex Technology Corporation has launched the SPM-611 and SPM-612 soldier-worn power managers, which dramatically reduce a soldier`s logistics burden by minimizing the number of batteries and different types of power sources a soldier must carry.
The Protonex SPM power managers are smaller, light and easy to configure and address the burdensome inefficiencies of existing battery and power management technologies by matching virtually any load (e.g. radios, computers) with any available power source (e.g. batteries, fuel cells, solar)-enabling the military to more efficiently use its available energy sources for a wide range of applications.
The new SPM system designs incorporate advances in component miniaturization, ultra-high efficiency power conversion, intelligent power management, and advanced battery charging technology. Capabilities of the enhanced power manager systems include: soldier battery monitoring and discharge prioritization, management and optimization of charging, power delivery to soldier systems, as well as advanced power harvesting and scavenging from alternative and found energy sources.
The two-port energy scavenger efficiently harvests power from solar panels, primary batteries, automobile batteries and battery chargers and other found power sources in order to charge equipment for continued use.
Source: Protonex Technology Corporation
Top Image: SPM-611/612 power manager. Source Protonex Technology Corporation
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