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Trident Industrial Inkjet chooses ImageXpert's JetXpert system

Trident Industrial Inkjet (an ITW company), a recognized leader in the industrial inkjet print head market, has chosen ImageXpert's JetXpert system for accurate and repeatable in-flight droplet analysis.
ImageXpert's JetXpert system combines state of the art, proprietary strobing technology with customized optics and powerful ImageXpert software to provide a flexible platform for analyzing the performance of any print head through drop-in-flight analysis and visualization. This calibrated system returns results in real-world units such as picoliters and meters/second.
"Trident reviewed a number of drop watcher providers. We chose ImageXpert's JetXpert system because of the system compactness, and its capabilities to provide droplet velocity and droplet angle deviation", says Steve Liker, Business Development Manager, Trident-ITW. "Another key capability was its ability to automatically and quickly measure droplet volumes. We compared the drop volume measurement results provided by the JetXpert and found that they were within a few percent of Trident's drop volume measurements taken through tedious gravimetric (weight) measurements. That sold us on the ImageXpert system."
Measuring the in-flight characteristics of ink drops under different conditions can aid in optimizing system settings, ink formulation and printer performance. Manufacturers of ink jet heads, head driver electronics, inks, and integrated printing and material deposition systems benefit from analysis of drops in flight. Triggered by the drive signal of the print head, JetXpert can be used with any print head or print head technology.
The very short minimum strobe pulse width (125ns) results in excellent image clarity with minimal motion blur. Powerful strobe control software allows for customization of the strobe settings for each application and experimental set up. ImageXpert software is used for automated drop analysis including drop trajectory, velocity, and volume, as well as other features as desired.
Trident's Steve Liker continues, "Customers require accurate data to enable them to make educated print head and fluid selections. The JetXpert system offers that accuracy and offers the ability to capture significant amounts of data quickly for optimum efficiency."
The strobe software also enables animated visualization of drops in flight for more detailed observation of jetted drops during flight providing greater insight into print head performance. Movies and images can be saved. JetXpert has several optional hardware configurations including an automated head scanning capability for analysis of the output of every jet, and a second camera for visualization of faceplate wetting.
Offering unparalleled flexibility in both hardware and software, JetXpert is an affordable and powerful solution for measurement and visualization of drops in flight and is appropriate for both R&D environments and for verification in production. And at less than two feet wide, the small footprint is very suitable for environments where space is at a premium.
For additional information please contact:
Yair Kipman at ImageXpert:
Phone: 603 598 2500
Steve Liker at Trident:
Phone: 203 740 9333, ext. 3037
Trident is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of stainless steel, repairable piezoelectric ink jet print heads, inks and other consumables. The ink jet print heads are based on a proprietary piezoelectric impulse ink jet technology that is durable, versatile and delivers the price/performance characteristics required by a wide range of industrial markets. Trident's products are used in a variety of applications requiring high-quality, high-speed, rugged printing equipment such as precision dispensing, coatings and coding.
Trident's products are marketed worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Integrators for integration into computer-controlled, application-specific products or systems.
Additional information is available at External Link.
About ImageXpert Inc.
ImageXpert is based in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since 1989, ImageXpert has been providing systems and solutions for image quality and part inspection for manufacturers of digital printers, consumables and components. Leading imaging companies throughout the world rely on ImageXpert systems in R&D and production. External Link.
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