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World's first hospitality handheld with an e-paper color display

Labware, a leader of point of sale solutions in the hospitality industry, unveils Papirus, a highly innovative handheld terminal designed for restaurants.
Papirus employs Labware's patent-pending technologies introducing new capabilities into professional hospitality devices and overcoming today's challenges related to restaurant wireless ordering in terms of efficiency, consumption and connectivity.
Just like paper, only better
It is the world's first hospitality handheld with a super e-paper multitouch color display and a non-reflective and high-contrast screen presenting text that looks natural without sacrificing colors. A special sensor detects whether the environment is dark or bright and automatically switches between indoor and outdoor display mode, ensuring perfect readability in all lighting conditions, even in direct sunlight.
Extraordinary battery life and other unique features
Papirus boasts other unique features such as its ultra-light and ultra-strong magnesium unibody housing, the latest capacitive multi-touch technology, a fast and ingenious authentication mechanism (patent-pending Waiter ID Lock), and a battery life of up to one week.
The widest coverage range among today's hospitality handhelds
Papirus is equipped with industrial wireless long-range technology, offering the widest coverage range among today's hospitality handhelds (up to 400m outdoors), noise immunity, and the lowest power consumption rate, which are critical requirements in this industry.
Papirus has received a Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design's Good Design® award in what is the oldest and most prestigious competition worldwide celebrating excellence in design and engineering. "We are honored to receive the prestigious Good Design® recognition," said Labware Managing Director Paolo Pagnanini, "which confirms our commitment to innovative products and effective design. A vision of the future has always been the driving force of our projects, based on our original inspiration and on the fruits of our research, and all our products embody the technology of tomorrow".
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Source and top image: Labware
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