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Posted on May 22, 2018

PragmatIC reinvents electronics manufacturing for the mass market

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PragmatIC, a world leader in ultra-low cost flexible electronics, is proud to announce that the first FlexLogIC™ "fab-in-a-box" has now been installed and commissioned in its facility at Sedgefield, UK. For more information see the IDTechEx report on printed, organic and flexible electronics.
FlexLogIC is a self-contained, fully automated system delivering high throughput manufacturing of ultra-low cost, thin and flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs). In contrast to the traditional silicon industry, FlexLogIC provides a radically different approach to IC fabrication which is aligned to the mass market volumes and low-cost requirements of embedding electronics in everyday objects. With its modular construction and capital investment several orders of magnitude smaller than a new silicon IC fab, FlexLogIC opens up the potential for a distributed and highly scalable manufacturing model.
The FlexLogIC system also delivers bespoke products with accelerated time-to-market, benefiting from its production cycle time of less than one day compared with over a month for a silicon IC. This ensures that new flexible electronic solutions can be developed, tested, and rolled out in radically shortened timescales and with dramatically reduced risk.
Key features of the FlexLogIC system include: automation of all material handling to ensure optimal throughput and complete process repeatability; intelligent software control of all process flows, in-line monitoring and detailed material recipes to ensure reliable production with minimal operator intervention; and a self-contained clean environment to ensure high production yield even at sub-micron feature sizes.
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"We are delighted to have our first FlexLogIC system commissioned", said Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC. "We have already delivered FlexICs for assembly process qualification and are now focused on ramping our production to fulfil demand for applications with some of the worlds' largest consumer brands."
Source and top image: PargmatIC
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