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NanoCnet announces the launch of its SilverStrand

NanoCnet announces the launch of its SilverStrandTM, a new generation of flexible, durable and stable silver nanomaterials for the use in the flexible electronics and related industries.
SilverStrands bring all the benefits associated with silver nanowires, which is viewed as a key technology to enable the flexible electronics market to flourish. Unique to SilverStrips is that the individual strands are in their most stable low energy state, making them extremely durable and unlikely to degrade. Traditional silver nanowires are in an unstable high energy state making them vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to a thermal or electrical load.
NanoCnet's SilverStands can be formulated into conductive inks and conductive pastes.
About NanoCnet
Based in Waterloo, Ontario, NanoCnet won the start-up company of the year award at CPES in 2018. It has developed and commercialized a fundamentally different type of nano silver material, and is looking to rapidly penetrate the conductive inks and conductive materials markets in Canada, the USA and worldwide. External Link.
Media question can be directed to Jan d'Ailly VP Business Development, 519 884 9170,
Source: NanoCnet
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