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Printed Electronics: Get the full picture

Not being a me too

Printed, flexible and disposable electronics can be too much about trying to achieve high quality displays and replace sophisticated circuits. Massive markets can be missed in pursuit of those that are more established, but harder to penetrate. As we have covered in these articles, IDTechEx and increasingly the printed electronics industry feel that the first applications of thin film transistor circuits - whether printed or not - may by games, enahnced packaging and advertising or something that falls out of a cereal box. Crude? certainly. Embarassing for management to do? absolutely. Feasible? yes.

Finding out more

Based on 180 delegates attending Printed Electronics Europe 2004, IDTechEx is delighted to announce Printed Electronics Europe - the only event of its type to marry the printing industry with electronics by considering the applications - from users themselves - and analysing the full toolkit of developing technologies - inorganic and organic semiconductors, sensors, power, photovoltaics, reel to reel printing, materials, displays (OLED/PLED, electrophoretic, electroluminescent etc) and so on. Don't take our word for it - see for the list of 34 speakers from 9 countries covering all these topics. Speakers include Hewlett Packard, Kodak, MeadWestVaco, Philips, NASA, Epson, STMicroelectronics, Episys, Pelikon, MAN Roland, Xennia, Agfa, Acreo to name a few.
The event is being held in Cambridge, UK on April 19-20. Why Cambridge? Over a dozen companies in the industry are located nearby and delegates booking early can go on tours to CDT, Xaar and Pelikon. We can also introduce you to the rest to ensure you make the most from your trip.
Register by Feb 18 and save up to 20%!
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