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CLEARink announces partnership agreement with leading tablet maker

CLEARink Displays Inc announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with a leading tablet maker to supply CLEARink tablet displays beginning in 2019. For more information see the IDTechEx reports on toxicant materials and alternatives in electronics and functional materials for future electronics.
The CLEARink tablet displays will feature up to 50% larger form factors than conventional reflective tablets, high resolution, video and colour. The devices will be targeted at the large tablet market, where consumers today have to choose between the 1 day battery life of LCD based tablets, or the total absence of color and internet browsing capability of monochrome reflective tablets. CLEARink displays combine the best characteristics of LCD and reflective displays by offering color, video, low power, outdoor readability and low cost.
"This first major supply commitment for our 2019 CLEARink tablet displays is a confirmation of the enormous progress that CLEARink has made over the last 12 months," said Joel Pollack, Board Director at CLEARink Displays.
"Since Display Week 2017 we have been overwhelmed with demand from customers that serve the wearable and tablet markets. We have chosen this particular client because of their detailed launch plan, global appeal and unique positioning," said Frank Christiaens, CEO at CLEARink Displays. He added "In a few years from now you will wonder why you ever accepted a tablet with a screen that you can not read outdoors."
CLEARink has developed ePaper 2.0, the world's first reflective display that is color and video/Internet capable.CLEARink offers a unique new value proposition, and outperforms competing technologies in a number of applications. CLEARink also defines a number of new markets, where legacy display technologies can not venture.
Source and top image: CLEARink Displays
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