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OE-A Unveils New Roadmap and Demonstrators

Frankfurt, Germany, June 3, 2009 - Initial products based on organic electronics - thin, light-weight, flexible, and inexpensive to produce - are already on the market. The Organic Electronics Association - OE-A, the leading international industry association for organic and printed electronics, supports its members and this emerging field by providing an information platform, initiating technical cooperation and by keeping the public informed about this new technology.
'Organic electronics you can touch' is made possible by the new OE-A brochure. Every copy includes a set of functional organic electronic components as a give-away, such as various printed displays, RFID-tags, switches, batteries and transistor structures. Furthermore, six additional demonstrators in which a number of components are combined on flexible plastic- and paper substrates will be introduced at LOPE-C. The following OE-A members collaborated on these projects: Acreo, Agfa, CEA, COPACO, DuPont Teijin Films, Felix Schoeller, Fraunhofer IAP, FUJIFILM Dimatix, GSI Technologies, H.C. Starck Clevios, HDM-Stuttgart, ITRI, Leonhard Kurz Stiftung, Mitsubishi Polyester Film, M-Solv, NTERA, Plextronics, PolyIC, Schreiner Group and VARTA Microbattery.
The updated and expanded third edition of the OE-A Roadmap for organic and printed electronics offers an overview of future product generations as well as requirements for materials and technologies. Fundamental challenges on the path to mass production - „Red Brick Walls" - have also been identified.
The latest results of the OE-A will be presented at LOPE-C.
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