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First disposable conductive ink patient warming system

VitaHEAT Medical LLC, a privately held medical device company and maker of the reusable conductive VitaHEAT UB3 patient warming system, announced with Ximedica the completion of the initial product development phase for the first disposable patient warming system using patented conductive ink technology. The next generation of VitaHEAT's technology will deliver a safe, effective and easy to use product portfolio designed to meet all requirements for hospital and surgery center patient surface warming needs. Currently two-thirds of the $1.8 billion patient surface warming global market use disposable convective (forced-air warming) products, which have recently come under pressure in lawsuits claiming that forced-air warming blankets used in surgery led to serious infections and required another surgery or amputation. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Conductive Ink Markets 2018-2028.
"We see opportunities to improve safety and efficacy and are excited about bringing the first conductive ink disposable patient warming solution to the market," said Peter Farmakis, President and CEO of VitaHEAT Medical. "We have seen consistent year-over-year sales growth with our VitaHEAT UB3 reusable patient warming device. Many customers prefer the reusable VitaHEAT UB3 to warm their patients throughout the perioperative process (pre-op, intra-op and post-op) because it is safe, effective and easy to use. However, some hospitals and surgery centers prefer disposables, and our next generation patient warming system will fill that need."
With 30 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to the medical device market, Ximedica focuses on human-centric design that translates user needs into meaningful, measurable specifications that result in a product that is safe and effective.
"We completed the initial phase of product development with VitaHEAT. We are excited to continue this effort with them and successfully bring this next generation product to market," said Peter Thier, Executive Vice President, Ximedica.
Source and top image: VitaHEAT Medical LLC
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