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External Company Press Release

Fabrication of electronic article surveillance die

Thinfilm announced today completion of its first fully roll-processed lots of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) die. All layers were properly deposited, and the lot included a number of engineering design splits. The lot demonstrated double-digit yield resulting in the successful fabrication of hundreds of thousands of EAS die.
It is expected that engineering samples of EAS tags from roll-manufactured die will be shippable to Thinfilm's lead customer for qualification in Q4 2018.
Based on engineering work completed over the past month, Thinfilm's equipment supplier and external consultant have determined that detailed modifications will be sufficient for qualification of its delayed remaining toolset for NFC roll-based manufacturing, and that a complete redesign is not needed. The company will start its first roll-based NFC lot by end-September, and expects to complete its first fully roll-processed NFC lots by January 2019.
25 September 2018
Thin Film Electronics ASA
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Source: Thinfilm
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