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Spotlight on Fujikura Kasei

Pioneering in the Development of Electrically Conductive Paste
Fujikura Kasei has been at the forefront of electrically conductive paste development in Japan since the very beginning. Through our technical expertise and comprehensive customer support we have captured large shares of both the domestic Japanese and overseas markets with our pioneering spirit.
The registered trademark DOTITE is widely recognized in the industry, and has become synonymous with electrically conductive paste within Japan.
Key Technology of DOTITE
DOTITE provides very fine printability, high conductivity, EMI shielding, excellent flexibility, and low temperature curing, with additive process. Fine line printing contributes to high integration, miniaturization, and invisibility of lines too narrow to see. High conductivity and EMI shielding function enable to replace from metal materials, such as metal etching circuitry and metal-made electronic component housing. Flexibility including 3D formability and stretchability allows circuitry to bend, to design with complex shape and to stretch. Most of our pastes can be cured at the lower temperatures between 100 and 200 degrees Celsius, making it possible to use them with plastics and other materials that are sensitive to heat. Finally, printing and coating are additive manufacturing process which is environmental friendly with less waste and reduces the processing step comparing with subtractive process.
Meeting Our Customers' Needs and Solving Problems Together
In the rapidly changing electronics industry, Fujikura Kasei's lineup of DOTITE products allows us to meet the needs of customers from a variety of fields. Whether they need adhesives for bonding electronic parts, inks for printed circuitry, fine-line printing for touch screens, shielding against EMI, or stretchable circuitry for wearable tech - we have the materials and know-how to meet these needs and more!
When our customers bring us their most challenging projects, we work closely with them, using our accumulated experience and expertise to develop new, custom-made DOTITE formulas to solve problems that conventional products can't.
Meet Fujikura Kasei on booth P20 at Printed Electronics USA 2018 on 14-15 November at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.
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