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Meyer Burger Inkjet and Thin Film Equipment for PE Manufacturing

Meyer Burger is a leading global technology company specializing on innovative systems and processes based on semiconductor technologies. Meyer Burger's Specialized Technologies portfolio has evolved from the technologies which have been successfully implemented in the PV market to cover a broad range of applications in other markets, such as semiconductor, printed and hybrid electronics, PCB, OLED, life science, and high precision optics. Meyer Burger enables customers to reach the lowest manufacturing and production costs in their industry by delivering customized equipment solutions and integrated systems.
At its location in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the focus is on the design and manufacturing of PiXDRO functional inkjet printing and FLEx thin film coating equipment.
The company's comprehensive product portfolio is complemented by a worldwide service network with spare parts, consumables, process know-how, customer support, after-sales services, training and other services. Meyer Burger is represented in Europe, Asia and North America and has subsidiaries and own service centres in China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA. The company is also working intensively to develop new markets such as South America, Africa and the Arab region.
Under Meyer Burger's award winning PiXDRO brand name, various inkjet printing systems have been developed which enable the scaling of inkjet printing from laboratory applications up to mass production. PiXDRO platforms are especially suitable for the manufacture of semiconductor devices, for OLED products, as well as for printed electronics and PCB. Inkjet printable functional materials can have dielectric, conductive, adhesive, mechanical, optical or chemical properties, and are printed with pico-liter sized droplets from a digital file. Inkjet printing is an additive manufacturing technology, hence has great advantages in relation to material usage, productivity, environmental impact and costs.
As inkjet printing is compatible with a wealth of functional materials, it is a very versatile technology. It can be used for direct material deposition for patterned or homogeneous coatings, from tens of nanometers up to tens of micrometers (depending on ink material). By printing multiple layers of material on top of each other, it can also be used as a 3D printing method. Inkjet is a non-contact deposition technology, so suitable for fragile and 3D substrates, and can fill trenches and cavities. Furthermore, it is excellent for direct printing of etching and plating masks.
Because industrial printheads have hundreds or thousands of parallel nozzles, and operate at very high frequencies, inkjet achieves very high throughput. The PiXDRO mass production inkjet printers can hold arrays of multiple printheads, enabling high productivity and flexibility. The JETx production systems are designed for high productivity and reliability, low cost of ownership, and integration in highly automated mass production environments. The LP50 and IP410 research and engineering printers excel in flexibility and process control, offering fast product development and time-to-market.
With its FLEx platform, Meyer Burger offers a thin film PECVD coating system as part of an integrated solution, the CONx cluster system combining inkjet printing and PECVD coating, or as a separate process module which meets the needs of tomorrow's technologies - OLED, OPV and battery manufacturing. The CONx system enables the manufacture of a complete moisture barrier layer stack in an automated and modular cluster system, integrated in an inert environment.
Visit External Link to find out more. Meet Meyer Burger on booth E16 at Printed Electronics USA 2018 on 14-15 November at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.
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