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Connecting the future with PPG

PPG, the world's leading coatings company, will make its debut at the IDTechEx Show! in November when three business segments join forces to showcase the company's leading-edge coatings for electronic solutions.
Visitors to booth P27 will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with representatives from PPG's electronic materials group, PPG TESLIN® Substrate Products and Cuming Microwave to learn more about PPG's innovative technology solutions.
Electronic & Conductive Materials
PPG manufactures functional and conductive inks and coatings uniquely formulated to address the changing needs of technology.
PPG's state-of-the-art conductive coatings and printable circuit materials provide cost-effective solutions to a wide range of electromagnetic compatibility problems. These coatings are ideal for all types of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, pagers, TVs, cable boxes, receivers, entertainment and gaming systems, as well as computers, laptops and monitors.
In addition to offering superior properties and lower application costs than vacuum metallization and selective plating, PPG conductive coatings readily achieve excellent electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness in complex moldings or highly featured enclosures in high-volume production environments.
PPG also manufactures a wide range of conductive, insulative and resistive inks for printed circuitry applications, including membrane switches, touchpads, antennas, electroluminescent displays and printed sensors.
PPG's innovative transparent functional coatings bring exceptional durability, enhanced visibility and improved functionality to display and touchscreen surfaces.
Cuming Microwave
Part of the PPG aerospace business, Cuming Microwave manufactures a host of microwave absorber materials to eliminate EMI problems. These materials are designed to reduce cavity resonances and to reduce noise in electronic packages.
The portfolio includes engineered microwave materials working between 10 MHz and 110 GHz for military and aerospace, electronics, telecom, automotive, industrial and medical industries.
Advanced Microwave Materials
  • C-RAM® RF/Microwave Absorbers
  • C-STOCK® Low-Loss Dielectrics
Anechoic Chamber Design & Installation
  • C-RAM® Low, Medium & High Power RF/Microwave Pyramidal Absorbers
PPG TESLIN® Substrate Products
Manufactured by PPG since it was invented more than 30 years ago, PPG TESLIN® substrate ( is a uniquely microporous synthetic paper that offers exceptional flexibility for greater durability and design creativity compared to other rigid materials.
Thanks to its microporous structure, PPG Teslin substrate offers performance benefits and a level of versatility that other synthetic papers and printable plastics simply cannot achieve. From durable product labels and sophisticated multi-layer, multi-component security credentials, Teslin substrate is available in product grades to meet specific application and print technology requirements, backed by technical expertise that helps customers make the most of their investments.
For more information on all these solutions and other PPG innovations, visit booth P27 at the IDTechEx Show! or on the web at External Link. The IDTechEx Show! takes place on November 14-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.
Learn more at the next leading event on the topic: Printed Electronics USA 2019 External Link on 20 - 21 Nov 2019 at Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA hosted by IDTechEx.
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