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A Nordic tour de force in Santa Clara Printed Electronics

In the Nordic Pavilion at the Printed Electronics USA 2018 in November 2018, the leading research institutes VTT, DTI and RISE are joining forces to present their latest innovations - teaming up with several SME's.
  • We are very proud to bring the spotlight to the Nordics, and all the budding technologies and spinoff companies, says Björn Norberg, Sales Manager at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. The width of what we'll be exposing during the Printed Electronics USA 2018 event shows that the industry is moving fast and in directions we did not foresee. Did you even hear of fuelcells in hearing aids and smart hoof-sensors to prevent injuries in horses a year ago?
The effort comes at a time when the market for printed electronics seems to be shifting gears, gaining traction and when companies increasingly are outsourcing parts of their R&D.
  • That's the general idea with the institutes, says Björn Norberg, to cater for the situation when industrial players' want to move into "deep tech" but are not really willing to take on the investments in labs and typically with a certain urgency. That's when we kick in.
This time, the Nordic institutes are bringing some hidden gems into the picture, hoping to act as a catalyst in the Nordic innovation landscape and create business and new collaborations.
  • Some of the SMEs have already taken off from the runway and in the Nordic Pavilion you'll see interesting concepts such as the Smart Horse Lab with piezosensors in horse soles, Light emitting chemical cells for medtech devices, smart coatings for any surface and solutions which address greener production and clean water among other, concludes Björn Norberg.
[RISE] (Sweden) is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. RISE ensures the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. With 2,700 employees RISE supports and promotes all manner of innovative processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services.
RISE operates the Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping, Sweden. The PEA is a greenhouse for printed electronics protopyping and pilot production. With strong academic collaborations, such as the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, we move from molecule synthesis to hybrid system production with ease, and collaborate with industrial clients worldwide.
[VTT] Technical Research Centre (Finland) provides innovation services and develop smart technologies for domestic and international customers, using 4,000,000 hours of brainpower a year to develop new technological solutions. With > 1400 patents VTT is a giant in applied research and offers a world-leading roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing infrastructure for printed electronics process upscaling.
[DTI] - Danish Technological Institute (Denmark) produces conductive nano-copper and nano-silver products for printed electronics, in both powder and dispersion form. DTI develops nanomaterials for printed electronics as well as digital printing processes and production technologies for smart product manufacturing.
[DP Patterning] (Sweden) is a spin-off from RISE Acreo, offering a complete solution for electronic circuitry manufacturing and patterning of laminates. The company manufactures highly efficient patterning machines which could substitute etching processes in many production lines.
• Dry process/No chemicals used/Environmentally friendly
• High speed process (up to 150 m/min)
• Low production cost/Dry recyclable residue material
[Lunalec] (Sweden) will show its FlexPatch, manufactured in ambient conditions. This liquid light concept is known as the Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell (LEC). It ressembles of OLEDs with a flat planar structure in which the light-emitting organic layer is sandwiched between two conductive electrodes, but the LECs are fully flexible.
[Inkron] (Finland) aims at becoming the first affordable nano-metallization provider in the world. Inkron is a nano-technology company which manufactures pastes, inks and dielectrics for the advanced electronics industry. Inkron combines metal particle production, binder and dielectric polymer production with nanoparticle synthesis.
Inkron has its primary manufacturing and R&D location in Finland. The optoelectronics and optopackaging departments are located in Taiwan. Inkron has worldwide representation.
[Elcoflex Ltd] (Finland) is a specialized supplier of custom specific electromechanical components. The company has been established in 2001 and has gained strong competence in the design and manufacture of electronics components and sub-assemblies for industrial, medical and telecom customers.
[Optitune] (Finland) is a cleantech company which creates coatings - anti-reflective, passivation and anti-smudge - achieving industry-leading levels of performance yet reducing application costs up to 80%. Optitune coatings offer greatly improve efficiency, usability and power usage characteristics for Touch Panel, Solar, Electronics and Construction glass markets. Optitune coatings are applied at low temperatures and under normal atmospheric conditions, thereby eliminating the need for the environmentally damaging and expensive vapour deposition batch procedures.
[Widex Energy Cells] (Denmark) brings fuel cell technology into a tiny format that fits discretely into consumer and medical electronics. It can recharge in seconds and run off-the-grid for years, as it does not require a power outlet. The Widex Energy Cell-powered hearing aid is the first-ever medical device to use fuel cell technology. It also houses the smallest fuel cell in the world.
[IPM] (Denmark) develops pollutant-sensors for continuous monitoring of water quality in water environments like water works and wells. IPM's solution saves time and delivers high quality measurements directly to your computer.
Groundwater accounts for over 97% of all freshwaters available on earth, yet contamination is a constant threat to this water resource.
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