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Spotlight on Heraeus

More than 160 years of experience at Heraeus in metals, materials, and technical expertise has led to the unique position we occupy today in the electronics industry. Many of our products for this market are used in traditional production processes, often by way of subtractive manufacturing.
The promise of 'next-generation' Printed Electronics products for various applications has been on the table for many years. Despite such obvious advantages as material, space and weight savings, as well as design freedom and easy scalability by use of digital additive manufacturing, there has been a long delay in the qualification of new products. The recurring problem being the lack of a seamless integration of materials like conductive inks or pastes and substrates with equipment and processes for pre-treatment, printing and curing in order to arrive at the optimal solution for a customer's application.
With our newly formed Heraeus Printed Electronics team we resolve this long-lasting lack of integration in the industry and combine materials and process know-how with hardware components to offer a full system solution.
Thanks to an optimal matching of substrates, conductive inks, ink-jet printing techniques and curing processes we raise the level of performance in satisfying customer needs over a range of applications in the field of digitally printed electronics.
Our offer comprises an integrated system solution including the manufacturing equipment, adjustable both in number of printing and curing units and in type of consumable used:
• Substrate pre-treatment by either corona, flame or plasma processes
• Printing by means of an industrial scale inkjet-printing technology for conductive and non-conductive inks. The conductive product portfolio of Heraeus consists of a variety of different precious metal inks that are fully particle free and highly conductive, but which, however, contain significantly less precious metals compared to screen printing pastes. Silver inks are already available now, gold and platinum inks are under development and will be launched soon. Our conductive polymer inks (PEDOT:PSS) are well established in the market already. Protective barrier coatings are also available when mechanical and corrosion protection is required. Other non-conductive components such as dielectrics are offered with optimum fit to our conductive inks and are manufactured by our system solution partners.
• Curing is considered to be highly critical in ensuring the high conductivity of printed lines also on low temperature substrates. Heraeus offers a broad portfolio of different curing technologies: from well-established IR lamps to innovative UV LED systems or even new alternatives such as disruptive flash light installations that cure with ultra-short pulses and high energy densities.
The integrated manufacturing tool can be designed to suit a variety of applications needs and works both offline and integrated in inline installations. This full system approach ensures an optimum quality of the printed component, since all process and consumable properties are analyzed and tuned to a perfect match during the process design phase.
This new, seamless approach will ease your market entry in Printed Electronics. Available from Heraeus - contact us now to check your application! See us at our booth Z34 at Printed Electronics USA 2018, part of the IDTechEx Show!, in Santa Clara from 14 to 15 November 2018!
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