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Notion Systems announces launch of open material inkjet printer

At Printed Electronics / 3D Printing USA 2018 Notion Systems announces the launch of its n.jet 3D open material inkjet printer in North America. Customers can use UV curable 3D inks from different ink manufacturers to run them in n.jet 3D printers. This leads to a large variety of different material properties available and also opens up the possibility to work with ink makers to formulate special inks for 3D printing. At the same time, the open material philosophy of the n.jet 3D is driving down the cost of 3D printing. The robust high precision printing platform yields high quality 3D printed parts and can be equipped with print heads from several print head manufacturers. Among the choice of print heads is the XAAR 1003 with which the n.jet 3D printer can utilize the high laydown mode that was recently introduced by XAAR plc.
Overall, the open material philosophy together with the robust industrial design of the n.jet 3D will be key to taking 3D polymer printing from prototyping and demonstrators to truly industrial fabrication.
More information about the n.jet 3D printer can be found at External Link.
Notion Systems GmbH is proud to be a silver sponsor of Printed Electronics / 3D Printing USA 2018, part of the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, CA on 14-15 November. For further information, please feel free to visit our team during the exhibition at booth V33.
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