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Grapheneca in a phase of rapid expansion

Grapheneca, is proud to exhibit at the IDTechEx Show! We are here to discuss supply needs and the rapid commercialization of graphene. We are planning our production goals now for 2019 and 2020.
We have worked with businesses and institutions around the world to test our graphene technology and have a feasible technology package to plan for guaranteed high quality volume supply.
Grapheneca Supplies Commercial Volume Graphene & Solutions.
• Our OWN patented technology to manufacture graphene
• Partnership program for qualified manufacturers and supply chain distribution
• Scaled production tested since July 2017
• Green technology, zero chemicals, 100% traceability
• Guaranteed supply of graphite through long term contracts with mines
• We supply any quantity of graphene demand and solve supply chain inefficiency
• Direct sales of graphene and graphene-based product
• To guarantee your supply of graphene we only need a qualified LOI
• Pristine Multi-Layer Graphene production, activation and exploitation.
• North American Manufacturing. Brooklyn, NY Plant.
Today's Cost of Graphene: $250/Kilogram*for qualified partners only.*
This advancement in graphene production and activation technology give our clients the freshest on demand multi-layer graphene delivered right at their door in any quantity with unbelievable quality control. In addition, working with our business development team gives you a resource of graphene solutions to many industries dirty little secrets and the supply to reliably address them for the first time ever.
Featured products:
Grapheneca - Fresh Pure Graphene flakes,
Grapheneca activated - Graphene activated with oxygen less and controlled activation paths 5%
Grapheneca materials - Resins, Metal oxides, pastes, dispersions, membranes, fibers,
Water filters
Our graphene contains no residue from dispersants making it ideal for many forms of exploitation that are hard to reach through oxygen reduction.
How to get products:
Partnership program - Must qualify, R&D samples included, typically used for graphene joint venture or OEM graphene solutions. Can accept partners who meet MOQ requirements.
Qualified project
Qualified order
Academic use
*NG Genius - NG Genius is our idea lab, we provide a protected portal for people to bring their genius ideas of how to unlock the potential of graphene.
How do we guarantee graphene starting in 2019?
We are in a phase of rapid expansion. In the last year, we generated the business interest to confidently move into a regional supply role around the globe. To fulfill demand and requirements for regulated development, we have begun to scale our proven and excessive production capacity. We invite customers with large order and repeat orders to reserve a spot in line for Grapheneca fulfillment.
Our technology package is ideal for high tech development and we can affordably produce on-site for qualified production demands. This program is for large scale industrial production. These developments are based on data we gather to rapidly commercialize graphene by improving existing manufacturing processes.
To be included in our supply estimates or to guarantee supply in 2019-2020 please inquire through our website or visit us at booth H20 at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, CA on 14-15 November 2018.
Visitors to the booth can ask our team any of their graphene supply questions. Receive a sample of graphene and be able to directly inquire about feasibility and project timeline estimates.
NanoGraphene Inc DBA Grapheneca,
*Edited to remove statements referring to size of production. Statements made are subject to change and do not represent production capacity. Edit is made to improve clarity and statement was based on production technology, not planed capacity.
All image source: Grapheneca
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