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New High-Speed 3D Imaging of Clear and Multi-Material Surfaces

FocalSpec, a supplier of 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) sensors and systems is demonstrating its unique technology combining 3D topography, 3D tomography and 2D grayscale intensity imaging at Printed Electronics USA, part of IDTechEx Show held in Santa Clara November 14-15, 2018.
FocalSpec sensors and systems provide high speed 3D imaging for printed features, substrates, dispensed materials and more. LCI technology ensures fast and accurate 3D topography imaging as well as step height and width measurement of printed structures and performs even on transparent, glossy, mirror-like, sloping and high-contrast surfaces, making it an ideal R&D and QC tool. Scanning that normally requires tens of minutes using traditional methods now takes only a few seconds. "FocalSpec technology is a great asset to the innovative fields of printed, flexible and hybrid electronics. Our scanners and sensors offer automated measurement of width, height, thickness, shape, cross-sectional area, volume roughness and flatness of printed features with up to 100 nm resolution at a maximum scan rate of 10 million 3D surface points per seconds all with ease of use and flexibility even on the most challenging surfaces," says Cheryl Hayek, Sales Manager, FocalSpec Inc
FocalSpec offering for printed electronics industryFocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA is a multipurpose table top surface metrology tool which includes ready-made calculation and analysis software. Focalspec sensors are available for third-party developers / systems integrators and are offered in 3 models with varying image speed and accuracy. FocalSpec will demonstrate their sensors' capabilities for printed, flexible, hybrid electronics and more at booth J26 at IDTechEx Show. At the conference, Juha Säily from FocalSpec will give a presentation "New high-speed 3D imaging technology in printed electronics metrology applications".
More information: Sanna Rantanen, VP, Sales and Marketing,, +358 400 214 012; Juha Saily, Sales Manager,, +1 770 713 0837 or Cheryl Hayek, Sales Manager,, +1 732 539 5777
Source: FocalSpec
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