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Power Paper's new business model

Power Paper have announced that it's recent adoption of a new business model has significantly reinforced the company's position as the leading developer of "green" micro-power clean technology solutions or "printable batteries".
"The core of Power Paper's strength emanates from its strong base of intellectual property and solid patent position rather than manufacturing. As such, our energies now and in the future will concentrate on providing partners with Power Paper technology to customize and enhance their product lines," said Mr. Zvika Nitzan, chief technology officer of Power Paper.
Power Paper technology comprises a paper thin, environmentally friendly, safe, elastic and flexible, 1.5V/3V+ battery with ink based energy cells, which can be adapted to fit the size, thickness and form factors required for the design of any product.
The zinc/manganese dioxide based technology has a shelf life of three years and performs in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. The battery does not require metal casing and can be printed cost-effectively directly onto paper, plastics or other surfaces with standard printing equipment.
Power Paper's intellectual property is covered by more than 100 patents worldwide with numerous patents pending.
"Power Paper has an amazing technology that can be applied to enhance a variety of products. Frankly, the possibilities are endless. We are reviewing licensing options with several new partners from an array of markets; we welcome the opportunity to explore the same with any company wishing to maximize the potential of their product offerings," said Mr. Nitzan.
Examples of innovative applications include: pharmaceutical delivery, active cosmetic patches, smart micro-electronic devices for integrating wireless biosensors and other industrial sensors, smart toys (sound puzzles, children's sound books and games), flexible displays, musical greeting cards, girls'/boys' apparel and accessories with lights, active radio frequency identification (RFID) labels and novelty items such as power tattoos, the rugged calculator notepad with light, makeup boxes, talking posters and electric e-card games.

About Power Paper

Founded in 1997, Power Paper Ltd. is the creator and licensor of printable micro-electronic clean technology and patches.
Unlike others on the market, Power Paper's printable batteries provide a fully printable, integrable and disposable power source. They also have the longest shelf life and deliver a superior electrical performance due to their overall structure and efficient active inks.
In addition, Power Paper printable batteries are comparatively less expensive. All materials used in the cells are classified by the U.S. Federal government as non-hazardous waste, disposable after use in normal municipal waste facilities, making the cells an ideal solution particularly in environments containing food and beverages.
Power Paper is the 2009 recipient of the commercialization award of the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe. The company is a member of the School, Home and Office Products Association (SHOPA).
The company's collaborations include: Antonio Puig, Body Estetic S.L., Estee Lauder, Germain de Capuccini, H2O Plus, Parfumerie Douglas Gmbh and University Medical. Investors are led by Infinity I-China, and include Apax Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners and Bank of America Capital Partners.
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