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Progress with PEDOT at Bayer

Bayer AG subsidiary HCStarck has concentrated on its existing PEDOT and PEDOT; PSS conductive polymers being impregnated in sintered tantalum and etched aluminium capacitors and used (but not often) to replace Indium Tin Oxide ITO conductive transparent films etc. PSS means polystyrenesulfonic acid which adds molecular tendrils to the PEDOT molecule giving gels with up to 95% water. The big Bayer breakthrough was to make PEDOT processable for lighting, electronic and other applications.
It is about 500 times as resistive for the same transparency but it was claimed that that means it is OK for touch screens and small devices. HCStarck believes that the limit of improvement of PEDOT as a conductor will be 1000 S/cm in 2006/7 because the mechanism of conduction is hopping transport.
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