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Large area OLED device fulfills international lighting specifications

Novaled has developed a 15x15 cm white OLED device with a thickness of less than 2 mm. The structure of the OLED stack allows for a natural and warm white light performing a very high color rendering index (CRI) of 90. The perception of this light is similar to sunlight or the light delivered by incandescent bulbs.
The achieved color coordinates of (0.44, 0.41) are inside the US Department of Energy (DoE) quadrangles at Illuminant A and even meet the more restrictive 7 step MacAdams Ellipsis around Illuminant A.
With this large area flat light element, OLEDs will pleasantly illuminate the room together with their revolutionary design. By reaching 30 lm/W on a 15x15 cm area Novaled achieved an intermediate step in line with the European project OLED100.
The specific electrode structure Novaled developed and now commercializes under the name 'liternity' increases the device lifetime. Using the liternity technology the 15x15 OLED device can reach a lifetime of 20,000 h. Liternity OLEDs maintain the appearance of a homogeneously lit-up surface over the entire life span of the OLED. Long lifetimes will be crucial to reduce maintenance cycles for commercial applications. The liternity technology will allow the upscaling towards very large OLED panel sizes.
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