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Organic Solar Cells reach 6% confirmed efficiency

Heliatek GmbH has developed organic solar cells consisting of so called "small molecules"- organic dyes which are synthesized from hydrocarbons. The solar cells are characterized by low cost, short energy payback time and inexhaustible availability of raw materials.
The lowcost, flexible light weight modules (0.5 kg/m²) will be manufactured on foil substrates in a continuous vacuum coating process.
Recently, Fraunhofer ISE certified a power conversion efficiency of 6.07 % for a tandem solar cell using Heliatek's proprietary tandem cell technology.
The cell with an active area of 2 cm² already possesses many of the essential characteristics of a large solar module. It was developed by Heliatek in cooperation with the Institute of Applied Photo Physics (IAPP) of the Technical University of Dresden based on results of the projects "Innoprofile" and "OPEG", both sponsored by BMBF. The result represents an important milestone on Heliatek's way to production of organic solar cells. In the medium term, it is planned to increase the conversion efficiency to 10%.
As a next step on the way to mass production, Heliatek will cooperate with Fraunhofer IPMS in Dresden, who have many years of experience with technological issues of organic electronics.
Their Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden (COMEDD) is the leading centre for production technologies of OLEDs, devices which are very similar to Heliatek's solar technology as far as production is concerned. To consolidate forces, the company runs several joint research projects with the Fraunhofer IPMS.

About Heliatek

Heliatek GmbH is a spin-off of two universities, Dresden University of Technology and University of Ulm. It received its first major financing round in 2007 with BASF, BOSCH, Wellington and HighTech Gründerfonds as strategically top level Venture Capital Investors.
The mission of Heliatek is to develop a mature technology of organic vacuum deposited solar cells and introduce it into the market. The technology development comprises tailored organic absorber materials, device integration and production processes.

About IAPP

The Institute of Applied Photophysics of Dresden University of Technology is a leading research Institute in the field of fundamental and applied research of organic semiconductors.
In the past years the Institute realized several innovative ideas for organic devices. Several spinoffs such as Novaled AG, Heliatek GmbH, Creaphys GmbH and sim4tec GmbH were created.
The InnoProfile Group "Organic p‐i‐n ‐devices" is a junior scientist research group supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The group's mission is to establish an R&D platform for organic devices and to strengthen the regional position in the field.

About Fraunhofer IPMS

At the Fraunhofer IPMS, 250 employees work on electronic, mechanical, and optical components as well as their integration into the tiniest "intelligent" devices and systems.
The product pallet is geared toward customers who want to expand the functionality of their products with the implementation of OLEDs and microsystems (MEMS, MOEMS, CMOS), which offer innovative system characteristics and ever shrinking dimensions.
The unique competency of Fraunhofer IPMS lies in the use of light, i.e. in the application of optical attributes and components.
Fraunhofer IPMS covers a wide range of industrial applications. Services range from product conception through development, right up to pilot production in internal labs and clean rooms from a single device up to complete system solutions.
In the "Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden" (COMEDD) at Fraunhofer IPMS, the Fraunhofer‐Gesellschaft concentrates on research, development and pilot‐production of OLEDs based on small molecules. The aim of this center is to be the European wide leading production related research and development center for organic semiconductors focusing on organic light emitting diodes and vacuum technology.
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