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Ynvisible's displays to be used in the smart label sector

Ynvisible Interactive Inc announces that it has begun work on commercial contracts that expect to reach market in 2019.
The first two contracts are with leading companies in the field of smart labels and related verification and tracking services. In both cases, Ynvisible provides visual indicators to the clients' smart label solutions. One of the cases focuses on using an Ynvisible patented electrochromic solution and ink for an end application in the electronics sector. In the other case, the electrochromics are printed onto an RFID sensor label aimed at packaging applications for the delivery and handling of sensitive products. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics 2019-2029.
These deliveries were the first orders produced in Ynvisible's new commercial production facilities. Ynvisible and the clients are working together to begin the process of transferring production to the client's existing manufacturing or dedicated 3rd party infrastructure to achieve significant scalability advantages.
"It has been great to witness the success of technologies like RFID in bringing added value to various intelligent packaging and logistic applications. Combining different sensors makes it increasingly easy to collect vast amounts of data to indicate authenticity or tampering. Collecting data is not a challenge anymore, rather the challenge is to focus on the relevant and important data at any given point of time." Said Samuli Stromberg, Head of Business Development at Ynvisible.
He continued "We believe that combining Ynvisible electrochromic displays with these RFID and smart packaging technologies we can create solutions that put humans in the centre of the technology by enabling interaction with the most natural interface - the visual one. There are almost limitless possibilities for these applications."
For additional information, please contact the Company at 1-604-788-2810.
Instagram: @ynvisibleinteractive
Source: Ynvisible
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