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LasX invests in growth with Mike Riley joining as COO

LasX President Ryan Falch knows he needs strong leadership to continue the growth and expansion plans of LasX, the premier global company for laser processing solutions. Mike Riley, a seasoned leader in manufacturing and distribution, joins LasX as the new COO. "LasX has made an investment in Mike because we know organizations that invest in strong leadership perform better than those that don't," said Falch.
In partnership with Mr. Falch, Mr. Riley will play a key role in aligning the company to its long-term strategy of operational excellence. "As LasX continues to grow globally, my experience both nationally and internationally will be an asset. My thirty years of experience in direct customer connections will help us improve our customer experience in both machine manufacturing and contract services," said Riley. A major focus for Mr. Riley will be on creating continuous improvement opportunities to ensure the company's growth is well managed and in step with organizational goals.
The decision to bring Mr. Riley on board illustrates Mr. Falch's commitment to building a strong company culture at LasX. "Our primary focus is the customer and our employees so it is crucial that Mike and I provide the leadership and guidance necessary to ensure our company is moving in the right direction. LasX will be known as a company that delivers an exceptional customer experience, operating as one team to deliver results."
About LasX Industries
Founded in 1998, LasX Industries, Inc. ( External Link) designs and manufactures high power, high-speed industrial laser systems for flexible packaging, digital print, and precision converting industries. LasX delivers standard and custom laser processing solutions in cutting, scoring, perforating, marking, and other applications. LasX's patented LaserSharp® technology and LightGuide® software can be integrated into new and existing workflows to create highly automated modular laser solutions that meet specific customer requirements. LasX also specializes in servicing customers looking to outsource their manufacturing through an ISO certified contract-manufacturing operation. LasX Industries serves the international manufacturing sector through its offices in the USA and Germany
Source: LasX
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