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Graphene@Manchester at The University of Manchester

Graphene@Manchester at The University of Manchester is an on-going programme of activity to ensure that Manchester and the UK play a leading international role in developing the revolutionary potential of graphene.
We are creating a critical mass of graphene and 2D materials expertise made up of scientists, manufacturers, engineers, innovators, investors and industrialists to build a thriving knowledge-based economy.
At the heart of our vision are the National Graphene Institute and the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, multi-million pound facilities with a commitment fostering strong industry-academic collaborations.
Graphene@Manchester is home to an unrivalled breadth of expertise across 30 academic groups. This expertise gives us the ability to take graphene applications from basic research to finished product.
Graphene is a disruptive technology; one that could open up new markets and even replace existing technologies or materials. From transport, medicine, electronics, energy, and water filtration, the range of industries where graphene research is making an impact is substantial.
Graphene has the potential to create the next-generation of electronics currently limited to science fiction. Our facilities provide dedicated equipment to develop and produce inks and formulations for printed and flexible electronics, wearables and coatings.
Meet Graphene@Manchester on Booth E04 at Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2019, part of the IDTechEx Show!, in Berlin on 10-11 April 2019. Visit External Link for more information on the event.
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