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n.jet solder mask systems & display OLED printers from Notion Systems

Notion Systems continues its success story in the functional additive manufacturing inkjet market with shipments of several fully automated n.jet solder mask printers and glove box integrated high precision printers for OLED production.
At Printed Electronics Europe 2017, Notion Systems launched its new high performance inkjet printer for applying solder mask onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). Solder mask lacquer is the - often green - top layer of a printed circuit board. It is applied at the very end of the production cycle and protects the board against mechanical and electrical impact. The n.jet solder mask inkjet printer from Notion Systems jets this lacquer at very high precision with industry leading throughput and robustness.
Moving the solder mask process from established techniques like slot die coating to inkjet printing greatly reduces costs, turnaround time and waste for PCB manufacturers.
"When we designed the n.jet solder mask system, we anticipated a fully automated robot handling system that seamlessly integrates with the printers. This means that existing users of the n.jet solder mask printer can upgrade to fully automated panel handling at any time. It is truly impressive to see the productivity of the fully automated solution. It also underlines that our customers view the n.jet solder mask process as the future of printed circuit board manufacturing.", says Michael Doran, CEO of Notion Systems.
While the success of the n.jet solder mask technology is highly impressive, a similar breakthrough in production technology is enabled by Notion System's n.jet display OLED printers that print up to nine functional layers - including RGB - in an inert atmosphere. Manufacturing an inkjet printed OLED display at high resolution and uniformity is certainly a superbly demanding task that necessitates a great number of skills from various disciplines. "Our display customers very much appreciate that with Notion Systems, they have a partner that works with them to bring their most innovative new processes to the market. We help our customers to distinguish themselves from the competition by delivering n.jet display printers that are adapted to the special process the customer wants to run."
More information about the n.jet solder mask and n.jet display printers can be found at
Notion Systems GmbH is proud to be a silver sponsor of Printed Electronics Europe 2019, part of the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin. For further information, please feel free to visit our team during the exhibition at booth L15 on 10-11 April, 2019.
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