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NovaCentrix continues to expand Invent offerings

The pace of innovation is only accelerating, and NovaCentrix remains at the forefront of tools, materials, and processes for advancement in flexible hybrid electronics. After launching the new Invent™, the most configurable platform in the in the state-of-the-art PulseForge photonic curing tool family at Printed Electronics Europe 2017, NovaCentrix continues to expand Invent offerings with new configurations and capabilities. Each Invent configuration is selected based on application type and on project goals. Leading customer types include corporate advanced R&D groups and academic institutes.
With the success of the PulseForge Invent launch, NovaCentrix continues its dedication to develop cutting-edge flexible and hybrid applications for growing markets, including, IoT, displays, wearables, product packaging, photovoltaics, automotive, and 3D fabrication
Participating in Printed Electronics Europe 2019 for NovaCentrix will be Global Applications Engineering Lead Dr. Vahid Akhavan, traveling from the headquarters in Austin, Texas. Dr. Akhavan will speak on the company's technological advancements in two particular areas: the evolution of printed electronics for wearables, and ultra-thin circuit design.
Dr. Akhavan's presentations are consistent with current trends in the emerging flexible hybrid electronics industry. In an IDTechEx survey of 550 organizations, when asked to identify the growth applications for wearable electronics, respondents cited fashion, industrial, commercial, military, health, and for 'fun.' To enable this broad range of applications, NovaCentrix has developed key technologies which offer performance, usability, and reliability.
Inspire Innovate Deliver
Adding to the family of photonic curing processes which have formed the majority of PulseForge tool applications to-date, Dr. Akhavan will provide updates to the photonic soldering technologies currently being developed by NovaCentrix and close technology partners. In particular, one demonstration concept which will be featured is a flexible HMI touch pad formed by soldering low-cost LEDs onto PET, as an example of a low-temp, flexible materials not otherwise well-suited for traditional reflow soldering processes. Photonic soldering with PulseForge tools results in lower material costs, faster processing/higher throughput, and more versatile application design through the use of flexible, low-temperature substrate materials.
  • Allows use of standard electronic SMT / components
  • Well-suited for utilizing a range of off-the-shelf solders including lead free and standard or low-temp formulations
  • Crucially, photonic soldering enables use of substrates which are traditionally off-limits due to thermal limitations, such as PET, PEN, PVC, TPU and paper
  • Product designers can create inspired application concepts which are flexible or curved
  • Product engineers can innovate functional solutions to product requirements
  • Product Manufacturers can deliver reliable, high-throughput production at scaled economics
Pico-LEDs soldered using lead-free solder and PulseForge tools. Image source: IDTechEx
Additionally, during his discussions at PE Europe 2019, Dr Akhavan will present progress on other technologies now being offered including the new PulseForge-enabled lift-off process. Using the large-area PulseForge tools as a replacement for problematic lasers, NovaCentrix has developed a low-cost, high-throughput non-laser process for separating polymer-based OLED displays and other electronic structures from rigid glass substrates.
This key development delivers ultrafast heating of the interface that leads to decomposition of the polymeric surface - and results in the release of the free-standing polymeric film. And it is expandable to meet Generation 5.5 substrate size needs, all while having high absorption and high thermal tolerance substrates required to maintain fidelity of processing.
Companies which are developing innovative products require the use of innovative tools, materials, and processes. NovaCentrix offers these, with a team that emphasizes success through partnership. Printed and flexible hybrid electronics is advancing on a rapid growth curve. At NovaCentrix, a world-class team works every day to accelerate customers towards their product and technology goals.
"With our legacy of successfully developing innovative products which enable printed electronics applications, our team is well-positioned and highly-experienced to help customers move from vision to fruition."
Stan Farnsworth
Chief Marketing Officer
NovaCentrix are a silver exhibitor of Printed Electronics Europe 2019, part of the IDTechEx Show!, taking place in Berlin 10-11 April ( External Link)
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