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NTERA and plastic electronic GmbH enter into a license agreement

NTERA, Inc., the leader in all-printed, flexible, color change display technologies, and plastic electronic GmbH, the leading developer and manufacturer of plastic thin film hybrid electronics, have announced they have entered into a license agreement to develop advanced printed electronics products using NTERA's NanoChromics technology.
Under the agreement, plastic electronic will design, develop and manufacture prototype printed electronics products using NTERA's NanoChromics technology at its Linz, Austria facility, starting with a NanoChromics Display Evaluation Kit, which is now available for sale at, the premier on-line platform for the printed electronics
The Evaluation Kit includes several unique color change features and programmable electronics that demonstrate the benefits of NanoChromics technology for a wide range of applications, from in store advertising displays (Point of Purchase and Point of Sale), to novelty features for consumer products and segmented numeric displays for industrial and bio-medical applications. "We believe that NTERA's technology provides the ideal solution for high quality, cost effective displays for hybrid electronics products," said Philipp Weissel, General Manager of plastic electronic GmbH. "Together, the availability of the Evaluation Kit and the launch of the on-line shop signify a new milestone for the printed electronics industry, and a clear indication of market readiness for the technology."
"This agreement allows NTERA to continue to support plastic electronic in driving the commercialization of advanced printed electronic solutions, which deliver color change display features in novel form factors on flexible substrates," said Dr. David Corr, CEO of NTERA, Inc. "plastic electronic has established itself as an innovator and market visionary for these emerging applications, and we are pleased to be working together."
In addition to the NanoChromics Display Evaluation Kit, plastic electronic GmbH has developed NCD(TM) displays and other prototype hybrid electronics products incorporating NTERA's materials for several customers.

About NTERA, Inc.

NTERA, Inc. is the leading developer of advanced, fully printable electrochromic materials enabling display and color change applications for Smart Cards, Smart Packaging and Smart Objects.
NTERA's NanoChromics Ink Systems enable very low cost manufacturing of printed electronic displays on a variety of flexible substrate materials using industry standard printing techniques and equipment. These ultra-thin, sunlight-readable, low power NCD displays can be integrated into any number of products, including plastic cards, packaging, smart labels, RFID systems, greeting cards, toys and games, and consumer electronic devices.
NTERA, Inc. is based in suburban Philadelphia, PA USA, with research and development facilities in Dublin, Ireland.
NTERA, NanoChromics and NCD are trademarks of NTERA.

About plastic electronic GmbH

plastic electronic is engaged in one of the most promising fields of emerging technology: printed and hybrid electronics.
These novel electronic components on plastic films are flexible, extremely thin and lightweight, but robust and cost-efficient for mass production. Printed and hybrid electronic components enable new form factors and previously unrealized applications, providing new solutions for a variety of industries including packaging, logistics, consumer electronics, and automotive.
plastic electronic's technology utilizes scalable production techniques such as printing and coating technologies as well as specific expertise to assemble functional plastic films and to embed standard electronic components on plastic films.
plastic electronic's business approach is strictly market driven, with a focus on reaching early applications. Products such as the printed pressure sensor on plastic film, the printed capacitive touch on plastic film, printed memory and NCD displays are purchased and used by leading companies worldwide. These products demonstrate the competitive advantage of plastic electronic's innovative technology.
plastic electronic was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the Johannes Kepler University, Linz/Austria, and is managed by Philipp Weissel, an experienced serial entrepreneur, and Andreas Tanda, an engineer with an extensive background in the fields informatics and electronics.


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