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Aerotech ANT130-L series stages offer best-in-class performance

ANT130-L direct-drive linear stage offers long travel, smooth cog-free motion, and nanometer accuracy

Aerotech ANT130-L series stages offer best-in-class performance in speed, accuracy, resolution, repeatability, reliability, and travel range, and are offered in two accuracy grades.
With its low profile and outstanding performance, the ANT130-L is the ultimate solution for high-accuracy alignment, inspection, positioning, and measurement stations.
  • Noncontact, non-cogging, frictionless direct-drive for zero backlash and hysteresis
  • High resolution (1 nm), repeatability (50 nm), accuracy (250 nm), and in-position stability (3 nm)
  • Anti-creep cross-roller bearings
  • Large selection - eight models with travels from 35 mm to 160 mm

Noncontact direct-drive

The ANT130-L employs a center-driven, non-cogging, noncontact linear motor and encoder as the driving element. Since the linear motor is a direct-drive device there is no backlash, windup, or "stiction" normally associated with a lead-or ball-screw drive.
The linear motor drive also offers the advantage of higher speeds and accelerations. The compact yet powerful linear motor drives the ANT130-L to a peak unloaded acceleration of 1 g and a maximum velocity of 350 mm/s. The result is a high-accuracy device with outstanding dynamic performance, with throughput that significantly outperforms comparable high-accuracy screw-driven or other stages in its class.

Outstanding resolution

Outstanding step-to-step resolution is required for alignment applications. The ANT130-L meets this demand with an incremental step size of 1 nm when coupled with Aerotech drives and controls. The direct-drive linear motor allows the ANT130-L to make precise, small resolution steps, which is particularly important in alignment applications where step accuracy is critical.

Designed for long life

Like all stages in the Aerotech product family, the ANT130-L was designed for long-term performance. Both the linear motor and linear encoder are noncontact devices to provide a long, maintenance-free life. A moving magnet-track design eliminates the need for cable management, further improving long-term reliability.

Precision alignment

ANT130-L series stages are easily configured as XY assemblies. Options include precision orthogonality alignment to 5 arc seconds as well as vertical axis solutions.
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