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Panasonic unveils transparent OLED

Panasonic has unveiled a transparent OLED concept display. The transparent OLED display, which resembles a glass cabinet, is crafted from a wooden frame holding what appears to be a pane of glass. As such it blends naturally into any contemporary living space. However, the moment the device is switched on, it transforms into a vivid OLED display. For more information see the IDTechEx report on OLED Display Forecasts and Technologies 2019-2029.
The transparent OLED is the result of a conceptual research project by Panasonic and Vitra, a Swiss furniture brand. Through a series of workshops Vitra provided expertise in furniture and space design which was combined with Panasonic's focus on using advanced technologies to improve lives. As a result a number of ideas about how new technologies can be used to seamlessly integrate audiovisual devices into our living space were developed. The transparent OLED display is the first of these ideas to come to fruition.
The transparent OLED display converts from a passive object into a lively and dynamic element, from something meant to be seen into something meant to be watched.
Designed by Scandinavian based designer Daniel Rybakken and Panasonic Design Kyoto, the OLED display consists of materials such as wood, metal and glass. The technological components are cleverly concealed within the wooden frame, which doubles as a stand for the device. A lightning element, which enhances the viewing and ambient experience, is also directly and unobtrusively housed within the frame.
Panasonic said that it is actively evaluating feedback about the device and looking into market demands.
Source and top image: Panasonic
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