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Louis Vuitton flexible display handbags

Louis Vuitton has premiered prototypes of a new cutting-edge fusion of technology and craft at the Cruise 2020 show in New York. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Flexible and Foldable OLED Displays 2019-2029.
For the first time, Louis Vuitton premiered prototypes of its most innovative "canvas", yet. Fusing cutting-edge technology with their Maison bag's signature savoir-faire, the new canvas displays moving images while taking the form of some of Louis Vuitton's most iconic bags.
The prototype handbags feature built-in flexible displays, one handbag has two screens and another one larger screen.
Louis Vuitton says these are "the basis for reconsidering the digital Canvas of the Future," adding that it is "always in search of the fusion of savoir-faire and innovation."
Source: Louis Vuitton
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