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Developing a wearable display for surgeons

HMDmd Inc, formed by members of the executive team which commercialized the first medical head mounted display cleared for marketing by the FDA, now announces that development has commenced of the next generation of high performance, wearable displays for medical applications, supported by the proprietary technology, engineering and manufacturing resources of Kopin Corporation. Kopin is a leading provider of innovative display technologies and critical components for integration into wearable computing systems for military, professional and consumer products. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality 2017-2027.
John R. Lyon, CEO of HMDmd, said: "a superior performance, specifically designed, medical grade XR wearable display is an important complement to the new technologies which are rapidly transforming surgery and interventional medicine in today's integrated operating rooms. Lightweight, ergonomic, high resolution, 3D-capable displays are a command and control interface with the systems and information enabling today's complex minimally invasive procedures, particularly those involving robotics, image guidance and real-time access to critical data."
The CEO of Kopin, Dr. John C.C. Fan, a global pioneer in wearable AR and VR systems, said: "to be effective in critical applications such as surgery, wearable systems must not only include the highest performance components available but must be designed to take account of the specific human factors involved. Our extensive experience with military and professional systems translates very well in producing optimal modules, which include our proprietary optics and displays, for surgery and interventional medicine. We look forward to partnering with HMDmd in developing high-performance products for this demanding market. "
HMDmd is a Delaware registered corporation based in Vista, CA. The Company is entirely focused on developing and commercializing wearable display systems for surgery, interventional medicine and other medical specialties and applications.
Source and top image: HMDmd Inc
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