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G24i ships world's first commercial application of DSSC

G24 Innovations has become the world's first commercial manufacturer of DSSC technology for mass consumer use. The company will ship DSSC photovoltaic modules to Hong Kong consumer electronics bag manufacturer, Mascotte Industrial Associated.
The photovoltaic panel, which will be integrated into a range of bags targeting the electronics consumer market, will charge mobile phones, e-books, cameras, and portable LED lighting systems. The DSSC modules based on technology invented by internationally acclaimed chemist Prof. Michael Grätzel are not only able to harvest energy outside but in low light levels indoors as well - giving it a unique advantage over other photovoltaic panels.
Mascotte will display the different styles of bags for the first time at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair this week. First commercial designs will be available to the consumer by the end of the year.
G24i Solar bag
Solar camera bag powered by G24i - due to launch Q1 2010 with dedicated camera battery charger
G24i first acquired a license to manufacture the technology in 2006, with unlimited worldwide distribution rights. Since then, they have pioneered the development of a low-cost, roll-to-roll manufacturing process, which can support a range of diverse applications for the technology.
CEO John Hartnett said in a statement this week "Our modules can easily be integrated into a wide variety of consumer products, and offer significant potential for cost reduction and enhanced value, as well as lowering the carbon footprint generated by such products".
Prof Michael Grätzel has offered his sincere congratulation on this success, which rewards years of hard work. He adds, "I am grateful to the whole G24i team for overcoming numerous challenging technical problems to produce flexible DSSCs for commercial clients in a roll-to-roll process for the first time".
As G24i builds its manufacturing to mass production levels, the company is focused on expanding the DSSC product portfolio through R&D and partnerships with other consumer product manufacturers. G24i will announce shortly its "Power Up Your Products" program allowing developers to use DSSC in their products and applications. Under the program, interested partners will be allowed to sign up online at External Link.
Reference: G24i
Images: Mascotte Industrial Associated
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