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CLEARink And FLEx to create next gen ePaper display solutions

CLEARink Displays and FLEx Lighting announced a collaboration to create the next generation ePaper display solution based on CLEARink's ePaper 2.0 and FLEx's ultra-thin front light. The companies had together built a prototype 9.7" color ePaper display with front light.
Markets for growing applications in Tablets, Laptops, Wearables, Automotive, IoT and Signage require both sunlight readability as well as nighttime visibility while consuming very little power. CLEARink and FLEx are working on creating unique products that combines reflective, low power, color, video capable, sunlight and nighttime readable display solutions.
"We are delighted to collaborate with CLEARink to bring the next generation ePaper display to market." said Mike Casper, CEO of FLEx Lighting. "Our front light technology enables low power, thin profile, light and uniform brightness for reflective displays in all ambient conditions."
CLEARink's patent protected, revolutionary display technology based on Electrophoretic Total Internal Reflection (eTIR) is low power, sunlight readable, color and video capable. FLEx's front light technology offers an ultra-thin, low power solution for reflective displays. Together the companies are designing a display solution that takes advantage of the retro-reflective display and a high performance front light film that maximizes light output while reducing power drastically. The 9.7" display demonstrator for example, used only two LEDs.
"There is a $50b+ market in 2023 that is looking for a color, video, low power ePaper display viewable in all ambient conditions," said Frank Christiaens, CEO of CLEARink Displays. "We have collaborated with FLEx Lighting to create the next generation of ePaper display solutions that will amaze customers worldwide."
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Source: CLEARink
Top image: Pixabay
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