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AU Optronics unveils flexible e-paper technology

World's largest e-paper module will debut in FPD International 2009

Dedicated to the development of green innovation, AU Optronics announced a series of innovative e-paper technology applications, including the world's largest 20-inch e-paper module and AUO's first 6-inch flexible e-paper.
With its aggressive technology development, AUO plans to offer flexible e-paper samples in 2010 in order to provide a power-efficient and convenient green lifestyle to the consumer market. The relevant e-paper technologies will be showcased in FPD International 2009, held in Yokohama Japan, from Oct. 28-30.
After marking the worldwide debut of its 6-inch touch function e-book in Display Taiwan 2009 in June, AUO launched its first 6-inch flexible e-paper technology in October, drawing widespread attention from the e-paper industry.
Adopting Sipix's exclusive Microcup® technology, this flexible e-paper incorporates a plastic substrate, so that the display can be repeatedly bended, allowing it to match even more closely the functionality of real paper. The flexible e-paper is portable and unbreakable, significantly increasing the product's durability. While the curved radius of this e-paper reaches 100mm, it remains flexible and features 16 gray levels, a 9:1 high contrast ratio, and a reflectance of 33%.
In terms of power consumption, there is no electricity required during reading and it consumes power only when the image is updated. Using the roll-to-roll manufacturing process, the technology allows for the commencement of volume production with higher yield rates, making it more cost-competitive.
The size of the flexible e-paper is able to be tailor-made based on customers' needs. AUO expects to distribute samples to customers in 2010 and to start volume production then.
In addition, AUO announces the world's first 20-inch EPD (Electrophoretic Display) module, which is also the largest EPD size currently ready for mass production. It will be the best choice for future applications in Public Information Display because of its ability to eliminate backlight. It also features extremely low power consumption of less than 2W as well as 16 gray level capabilities.
Other EPD applications to be exhibited in FPD International 2009 include 2-inch Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), and 6-inch & 9-inch touch function built-in e-book displays. Since the 2-inch ESL uses active matrix equipped bi-stable image characteristics, label images can be maintained for at least one month without electricity supply on the shelf. With the in-cell touch functions and embedded Single Chip Solution, the debut 9-inch e-book display provides a 1024x768 high-definition screen. AUO also debuts its 2-piece 6" e-book with foldable design. Consumers can combine e-book reading with a traditional reading experience.
"As a technology in great demand to replace paper applications, e-paper, with its environmentally friendly features, will bring about more innovative and portable consumer electronic products and applications to the market. In addition, the mass production of the flexible e-paper will drive the next wave of the reading revolution," said Dr. C.T. Liu, Senior VP & GM of Consumer Product Display Business Group of AUO.
"AUO holds the advantage of having integrated technologies and manufacturing capabilities. With the fully supported panel capacity in the different generations of fabs, AUO applies its 4G lines to produce e-tags, 5G lines for 6-inch to 10-inch e-book panels, and 6G or 7.5G to produce e-signage display panels."
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