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Introducing the Royole transparent, rollable keyboard

The Royole Keyboard has been re-designed. It's small, smooth, efficient and compatible with all devices. Users can use their Royole Keyboards on any surface with ease. Certified by the European Patent Office Innovation Lab. The Royole keyboard is registered as the thinnest keyboard in the world at only 30.6mm when laid out. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2019-2029.
The idea of this keyboard came from Royole's work on flexible sensors and following their success in 2015 and the following years with Qii Keyboard. Qii was the world's first truly mobile, rollable touch accessory as a keyboard. It was based on a flexible touch sensor that allows the user to turn virtually any surface, soft or hard, flat or curved, into a fully functional user interface.
Following a successful campaign in 2015 with Indiegogo for Qii, the team turned their start-up into an international business. Now, back as Royole with the re-designed, re-invented and re-created Royole Keyboard.
The Royole rollable keyboard is only a 15cm stick when it is closed and can be used on any surface anywhere via bluetooth and works with several devices. It is only 22mm thicker than a regular pencil. It has a battery life of a month in standby mode and a full week in constant use with back lightning. The circuit board is bendable, foldable, squishable and water resistant.
It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows with several keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, QWERTZ as well as French, Mandarin, Polish and Turkish languages. Royole will launch the product to the public in January 2020 and their Indiegogo campaign run to December 2019.
The product will be sold at $179 with backers paying $59 for a full package. The keyboard will available on Amazon, Mediamarkt, Micro Center and others once released.
Source and images: Royole
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