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Spotlight on ACS Material

You need a reliable source for highly advanced materials.
ACS is that reliable source. We manufacture most of our materials to precision specifications in our own labs. When it is better for us to use the expertise of other producers of high quality materials, we pre-qualify, specify and manage under contract all production to our requirements. Either way, you benefit from the precision, low prices and high quality that we can offer you.
Importantly, ACS offers not just one category of products, but many. We know that interactions of nano-material behaviors frequently create surprises that move technology forward, so we want to help researchers, scientists and project managers reach their goals by giving them the ability to experiment with any combination that can be conceived. Take a look at our Trivial Transfer® family. We save you the trouble of etching, washing and stabilizing graphene, Boron Nitride and soon many more single and multi-layer films so that you can get on with the most important parts of your inventions. Additionally this technology removes the need for you to send precious IP out of your facility for the transfer process.
In our growing portfolio of collaborations, we work with companies that are building new applications of existing material technologies. As an example, ACS Material LLC has a strategic relationship with a Swedish company in which ACS will develop methods necessary to ramp up production of fuel cell materials that offer an unprecedented efficiency of energy catalytic conversion by using common metals and no platinum. Toward the goal of producing these materials on a commercial scale, ACS is creating a joint venture which will outfit a facility capable of multi-MT/mo. quantities of this highly valuable and innovative material.
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