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Taiyo America Expands Conductive Ink Offerings for Printed Electronics

Taiyo America, Inc. (Carson City, NV), a subsidiary of Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.® (Tokyo, Japan) the leader in solder mask technology for printed circuit boards, now offers an expanded line of conductive ink products for printed electronics and photovoltaic applications. Taiyo Ink, who has long offered conductive inks for printed wiring board and flat panel display applications, is introducing the ECM®-100 line of conductive inks.
The ECM®-100 product line includes a series of screen printable silver-bearing pastes for use in silicon or dye-sensitized solar cells as well as membrane, touch panel and other printed electronic applications. ECM®-100 inks are capable of excellent high resolution, fine line printing, down to 30 to 50 μm line width. The ECM®-100 product line is also characterized by high electrical conductivity, low contact resistance and excellent adhesion to various substrates.
In addition to the ECM®-100 line, Taiyo America also announces their TCM™-100 line of conductive inks as well as the capability of formulating custom organic and conductive ink products for a wide range of end product applications. Inks can be formulated with a range of metallurgies for various application methods including screen/stencil printing or inkjet technology. Nanoparticle inks are available for special applications that require unique performance properties.
The printed electronics market is application-driven, with each application and customer requiring a unique set of properties and performance metrics. To meet the growing demands of the printed electronics market, Taiyo's global group has developed a core technology of conductive ink formulations that can be customized and manufactured to meet our customers' specific applications.
"Conductive and nanoparticle inks are playing an increasingly important role in
manufacturing of printed electronics, solar and display technologies" says David Vaughan, Marketing Manager for Taiyo America. "We have an excellent line of standard inks and pastes and the ability to customize inks for a customer's unique needs as required. With the proliferation of final applications there are many unique requirements for conductive inks and Taiyo America is uniquely positioned to provide custom products for these applications.
"Taiyo America has full manufacturing, R&D, sales, and product support for Taiyo Ink products via their facility in Carson City, NV. Taiyo America is responsible for supplying and servicing Taiyo Ink products in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia / New Zealand, and Africa.
David Vaughan, Taiyo America
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