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SonoPlot® introduces new Microplotter® II product

SonoPlot, Inc. have announced the release of the company's new GIX Microplotter II printing instrument at the Printed Electronics USA 2009 show in San Jose, CA.
SonoPlot's GIX Microplotter instruments use innovative controlled ultrasonics to print microcircuitry with the widest range of materials including graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanoparticle inks and polymers. To date the Company's product line has featured two instruments, the GIX Microplotter and its smaller brother, the GIX Microplotter Desktop.
The new GIX Microplotter II is a completely redesigned unit offering a unique combination of price, performance, and size that make it suitable for a wide variety of applications.
"The new instrument was built in response to the demands of printable electronics customers," said Glen Donald, Chief Executive Officer, SonoPlot. "We are pleased to offer a compact product that would fit on most desktops, 5 micron positioning resolution and the flexibility to print a very wide range of materials for a US List Price of only $45,000."

About SonoPlot

SonoPlot manufactures and sells precision picoliter fluid dispensing instruments, called MicroplottersTM for use in printed electronics. SonoPlot is a privately funded company headquartered in Middleton, WI. For more information about the company and its products, please visit External Link.
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