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Fairchild Semiconductor's MicroFET™

Fairchild Semiconductor's Microfet™ thin package targets battery- charging and power-multiplexing applications and addresses need for smaller packages in space-constrained designs

Fairchild Semiconductor's MicroFET thin package helps designers avoid compromising their designs by providing them with an industry-leading low profile package.
Working with design engineers and procurement managers, Fairchild developed an integrated P-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET and Schottky diode, as a single-package solution to meet critical efficiency and thermal needs in battery charging and power-multiplexing applications.
The FDFMA2P859T provides excellent power dissipation and conduction loss characteristics, compared to conventional MOSFETs, all while providing a 30 percent height reduction over the industry-standard 0.8mm MicroFET package. With a 0.55mm package height, this device is ideal for low profile designs, such as those common in the latest portable and wearable cell phones, media players and medical devices.
The customers design requirements for the FDFMA2P859T was for the device to provide exceptional thermal performance for its physical size, and to ensure a very low reverse leakage current (lr) of 1µA at Vr=10V, for the Schottky diode. These attributes are important in improving performance and efficiency in linear mode battery charging and power-multiplexing applications.
The FDFMA2P859T is part of Fairchild's extensive MOSFET portfolio designed to meet the efficiency, space and thermal needs of today's and future design challenges.
Price (each, 1k pcs.): US$ 0.39
Availability: Samples available now
Delivery: 6-8 weeks

About Fairchild Semiconductor:

Fairchild Semiconductor is a global leader delivering energy-efficient power analog and power discrete solutions.
Fairchild is The Power Franchise®, providing leading-edge silicon and packaging technologies, manufacturing strength and system expertise for consumer, communications, industrial, portable, computing and automotive systems.
An application-driven, solution-based semiconductor supplier, Fairchild provides online design tools and design centers worldwide as part of its comprehensive Global Power ResourceSM.
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