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Rogers Durel to showcase printed electronics & EL lighting solutions

The Durel Division of Rogers Corporation will be showcasing its Printed Electronics and EL Lighting Solutions at the upcoming Printed Electronics show, December 2-3, in San Jose, CA (Rogers booth #43).
With over 20 years of design and high volume manufacturing experience in printed electronics, Rogers Durel offers comprehensive capabilities in screen-printed electronics and associated services. These include product design, precision registration, finished product conversion and assembly, and electrical, mechanical and optical test capabilities.
In addition, Durel is a leader in providing innovative solutions in low-power, electroluminescent (EL) backlighting systems and EL driver integrated circuits.
Products and applications include medical electrodes and sensors, thin film battery, conductive adhesives, antenna, electroluminescent lamps, light guide film (LGF) and illuminated advertising solutions for Point of Purchase (POP) and transit advertising.
Durel also provides a variety of user interface solutions including EL and LGF backlighting, capacitive sensing, morphing display/key pad technology, and a portfolio of EL and piezo haptic drivers.
Through years of development to EL constructions, Rogers Durel has transformed the process of screen printing from an art to a science to meet the ever changing needs for thinner, smaller, more efficient, and more reliable electronic devices.
With strategically located manufacturing facilities, Durel delivers timely printed electronics solutions worldwide.
For more information on Rogers Durel printed electronics and lighting solutions, visit

About Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation, headquartered in Rogers, Conn., is a global technology leader in the development and manufacture of high performance specialty material products for a variety of applications in a wide range of markets including: portable communications, consumer products, communication infrastructure, ground transportation, and aerospace and defense. Most of the Company's products are covered by trade secrets or patents.
Rogers operates manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Connecticut, and Illinois in the U.S., in Gent, Belgium and Bremen, Germany in Europe, and in Suzhou, China. Asian sales offices are located in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India and Singapore. Rogers has joint ventures in Japan and China with INOAC Corporation, in Taiwan with Chang Chun Plastics Co., Ltd. And in the U.S. with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
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