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NovaCentrix Continues to Revolutionize Next-Gen Applications

The pace of innovation is only accelerating, and NovaCentrix remains at the forefront of tools, materials, and processes for advancement in flexible hybrid electronics. After launching Invent™, the most configurable platform in the in the state-of-the-art PulseForge® photonic curing tool family, NovaCentrix continues to expand its offerings with new configurations and capabilities. Each Invent configuration is selected based on application type and on project goals. Leading customer types include corporate advanced R&D groups and academic institutes.
With the success of the PulseForge Invent, NovaCentrix continues its dedication to develop cutting-edge flexible and hybrid applications for growing markets, including, automotive, IoT, displays, wearables, product packaging, photovoltaics, and 3D fabrication

Photonic Soldering Takes Center Stage

Presenting on behalf of NovaCentrix at IDTechEx 2019 Santa Clara, CA, Dr. Rudy Ghosh will share insights and innovations on PulseForge tools and scalable soldering on thermally unstable substrates. Dr. Ghosh's presentation will be particularly cooperative, as NovaCentrix is interested in learning from industry insiders the challenges they face soldering on thermally unstable substrates. Dr. Ghosh will also share findings from NovaCentrix' partnership with the Holst Centre; located in the Netherlands, Holst Centre is an independent R&D center that develops technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics.

Photonic Soldering Highlights

  • Comparable shear strength between photonic and reflow soldering
  • Lower dissolution of printed silver circuit in molten solder
  • Comparable contact resistance across solder joints between photonic and reflow soldering
  • Increased soldering window accommodates a wide range of commercial packages
  • Reduced footprint when compared to conventional reflow ovens
  • Faster processing speeds
  • Enhanced feedback loop
  • Facilitates soldering on to low cost, flexible, thermally sensitive substrates, including PET, PEN, paper, TPU, and fabric
  • Works with conventional lead-free solders, such as SAC 305
  • Simultaneously solders commercial electronic packages over a wide area (LEDs, resistors, transistors, microcontrollers, and more)
  • Process times are order of magnitude faster than conventional reflow processes
  • R2R compatible

New In Photonic Curing

NovaCentrix continues to explore and develop new applications, including photonic curing of 2.5D structures. Traditional flashlamp curing of 2.5D structures have poor beam uniformity (~20%), and the light tends to be fairly collimated - meaning sidewalls are underexposed and normal surfaces are overexposed. Poor temporal control of the beam reduces the process window and overall performance of the final device.
With PulseForge curing of 2.5D structures, the intensity of the beam is very uniform (2-3%), and unlike a laser or traditional flashlamp system, the beam direction is specifically engineered to be uncollimated. Beam uniformity and angle control, combined with digital temporal control, forms an ideal source for curing around objects (2.5D curing).

Copper Inks And Pastes

In addition to its Metalon® silver, nickel, and carbon inks, NovaCentrix now offers copper inks and pastes for inkjet, screen, and aerosol jet. All Metalon inks capitalize on advanced materials and formulations to provide conductivity options for printed electronics applications.
While conventional thermal curing can be used with most of NovaCentrix' ink products, enhanced performance is possible when prints are processed with PulseForge tools - given the need for high temperature processing of inks on low-temperature substrates. And because clients have different challenges, NovaCentrix has a team of inks experts on hand to develop special formula needs.

Inspire. Innovate. Deliver.

Companies developing innovative products require the use of innovative tools, materials, and processes. NovaCentrix offers these, with a team that emphasizes success through partnership. Printed and flexible hybrid electronics is advancing on a rapid growth curve. At NovaCentrix, a world-class team works every day to accelerate customers towards their product and technology goals.
Text and Image SourcE: NovaCentrix
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