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Western Michigan University and Daetwyler progress Gravure Printing

Western Michigan University and Daetwyler R&D Corporation (DR&D) announce a new partnership in Printed Electronics development.

Included in this is the delivery of an AccuPress™ printing system from DR&D. The unit will be placed at WMU's Center for Advancement of Printed Electronics (CAPE).
The AccuPress printing system is Daetwyler R&D's high-precision gravure press for the printing of sheet-fed, layer-to-layer applications. The unit includes many features to maintain the high-accuracy required for printed electronics uses. The unit is scheduled to be delivered to WMU in April of 2010.
"WMU is truly a center for the science of printing. Their facility and staff are invested and poised to make a difference", states Eric Serenius, vice-president of DR&D. "WMU understands the significant role gravure will play in the PE market. The CAPE influence will only grow and we are excited to be an integral part of the team for the advancement of printed electronics".
"This state of the art press secures Western's position among leading institutions in printed electronics research," added Dr. Margaret Joyce, Director of CAPE. "It supports our mission to evolve printing as a low cost manufacturing process for novel electronics applications."
Western Michigan University is a well-recognized research university. WMU's Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics looks to continue this by providing a facility for research, development and applications of materials for the fabrication of flexible electronics devices on the printing press. A multidisciplinary approach across departments, along with involvement from industrial partners, will be used to accomplish their research goals.
Daetwyler R&D Corp is an Engineering R&D and Software Development company. For 30 years DR&D has provided the gravure printing industry with innovative solutions for improving quality and productivity. Our engineering specialties are our sub-micron positional accurate cutting tool (like the award-winning VISION 3 engrave head) and the prepress layout software Collage. DR&D has used this experience to design and build the µStar MicroEngraving™ system for optics and printed electronics use; several machines have already been delivered to drive these high precision applications.
DR&D also designs and builds the GS827 and GS857 engravers, for customers looking to upgrade older equipment. DR&D looks ahead to the customer needs of tomorrow and beyond.
Photo Caption: from left to right: Dr. Anthony Vizzini, Dean of Engineering, Eric Serenius, VP of DR&D, Udo Dittmar, President of DR&D, and Dr. Margaret Joyce, Director of CAPE. Photo courtesy of WMU.
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