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New Pressurex Extreme Low® sensor film

New Pressurex Extreme Low® sensor film measures and maps very low contact pressures for electronic applications

Sensor Products Inc. announces Pressurex Extreme Low®, the newest addition to its tactile pressure-indicating sensor films. Eagerly awaited by the engineering community, Pressurex Extreme Low® characterizes contact surface pressure down to 7.2 PSI (0.5 kg/cm2).
Electronics applications for Pressurex® are expected to expand with the availability of this new range of sensor film. It is an easy-to-use flexible film that is placed between contacting or mating surfaces to instantly and accurately measure and map pressure magnitude and distribution. Variations in contact surface pressure are immediately visible by the impression made on the film. The range of Pressurex Extreme Low® is 7.2 - 28 PSI (0.5 - 1.97 kg/cm2).
Pressurex® comes in the form of a thin clear plastic sheet (4 or 8 mil), physically similar in appearance to paper. It is available in eight different pressure ranges with the highest measuring impact up to 43,200 PSI (1,300 - 3,000 kg/cm2).
When placed between contacting surfaces, it instantaneously and permanently changes color directly proportional to the actual pressure applied. The precise pressure magnitude (PSI or kg/cm2) is easily determined by comparing color variation results to a color correlation chart (conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper). Imaging analysis is also available through Topaq®, Sensor Product's imaging system.
Pressurex® is used in the design, manufacture, calibration and quality control of many products. Contact surface pressure variations often result in manufacturing flaws and product defects Mechanical design and assembly of products that depend upon the compressive force of clamps, fasteners, connectors and bolted joints to join surfaces - such as heat sinks and semiconductors - are particularly aided by Pressurex®. Products and processes that depend on defined or uniform pressure distribution over the entire contact surface area, such as flip chips, rollers, wafer bonding and polishing, printed circuit board and other lamination press applications, sealing equipment for food and drug packaging and lcd panel displays are just a few prime uses.
Many applications within biomechanics as well as squeegees require extremely low contact pressures that can be uniquely assessed with Pressurex Extreme Low®.
Pressurex® is very flexible, which enables it to conform to curved spaces. It is ideal for invasive, intolerant environments and tight spaces not accessible to conventional electronic transducers. Hundreds of industrial and electronic applications have been found and others are yet to be discovered.
To request a free sample of Pressurex® in your desired range, contact Sensor Products Inc. at 1.800.755.2201 (USA and Canada) 1.973.884.1755 (USA), or
Visit their website to view their entire line of products at External Link.

About Sensor Products Inc. (USA)

Headquartered in New Jersey and established in 1990, Sensor Products Inc., is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of tactile pressure indicating solutions.
Their customized and off-the-shelf products are installed within all of the Fortune 500 industrial companies as well as thousands of smaller manufacturing firms.
Their sensors are used in applications as diverse as tire testing to semiconductor manufacturing and from R&D labs to space missions. Additionally, Sensor Products provides in-house and on-site stress and pressure mapping analysis, as well as a variety of regional technical seminars.

Printed Electronics USA 09

Sensor Products Inc. will be at Booth 6 of the Printed Electronics USA 09 showcasing its tactile pressure indicating sensor solutions. Pressurex® sensor films and related optical imaging systems will be discussed as well as the Tactilus® electronic pressure measurement system.
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