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Thin film Transistor Circuits from Hewlett-Packard

Dr Thomas Lindner from HP spoke exclusively at the recent IDTechEx Printed Electronics conference External Link covering some of their latest work on printed electronics. HP's core printing technology is thermal inkjet printing, which has been doubling in performance every 18 months, the "Moore's law of inkjet printing." Over the last two years they have used their expertise to experiment with printable electronic materials and explore new applications. Thomas quashed doubts that thermal inkjet was limited to aqueous fluids and listed several electronic materials they have successfully printed. Recent performances are transistor test structures with printed semiconductor channel materials showing an incremental mobility of 6 cm2/Vs and a printed gate dielectric.
Source: HP
HP have successfully printed active devices using thermal inkjet printing and are working further now on materials optimization, device modelling, inkjet architecture modifications and materials compatibility.
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