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ImageXpert's JetXpert System adopted by NIST

ImageXpert's JetXpert system has been chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a federal agency that works to advance measurement science, to perform accurate and repeatable volume and velocity measurements of single, in-flight droplets.
NIST uses inkjet systems to produce reference samples for calibrating ion mobility spectroscopy detectors, devices used to detect minute traces of explosives and controlled substances. The quantity (volume) of dispensed material on each reference sample is critical to calibrating them reliably and therefore must be known accurately.
ImageXpert's JetXpert system combines state-of-the-art, proprietary strobing technology with customized optics and powerful ImageXpert software to provide a flexible platform for analyzing the performance of any inkjet print head through drop-in-flight analysis and visualization. This calibrated system returns results in commonly used units such as picoliters and meters/second.
JetXpert is designed to maximize image quality by incorporating a high-powered LED for single-event imaging (one strobe per image frame) which allows for imaging of individual droplets, and a very short minimum strobe pulse width (125 nanoseconds) for minimal motion blur. Powerful strobe control software allows for customization of the strobe settings for each application and experimental setup. ImageXpert software is used for automated drop analysis including drop trajectory, velocity, and volume, as well as other features as desired.
"Obviously it is very affirming to have an important organization such as NIST using our system," Yair Kipman, President of ImageXpert says. "We are pleased to be able to provide them with a flexible and powerful solution for analyzing drops in flight so that they can run the wide range of tests and verification procedures necessary to support their work."
The JetXpert strobe control software enables animated visualization of drops in flight for more detailed observation of jetted drops during flight providing greater insight into print head performance. Movies and images can be saved. In addition, JetXpert has several optional hardware configurations including an automated head scanning capability for analysis of the output of every jet, and a second camera for visualization of faceplate wetting.
Offering unparalleled flexibility in both hardware and software, JetXpert is an affordable and powerful solution for measurement and visualization of drops in flight and is appropriate for both R&D environments and for verification in production. And at less than two feet wide, the small footprint is very suitable for environments where space is at a premium.

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ImageXpert is based in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since 1989, ImageXpert has been providing systems and solutions for image quality and part inspection for manufacturers of digital printers, consumables, components and related fields. Leading companies throughout the world rely on ImageXpert systems in R&D and production. External Link
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